How to Choose Outdoor LED Advertising Display

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Business advertising is taking center stage in a world where brands mainly do well by getting their brand names known far and wide. With so many advertising options available, you’re truly spoilt for choosing which best suits your enterprise.

However, light-emitting diode (LED) advertising is among the most efficient go-to options you can find so much use for. This article explains how to choose a digital outdoor advertising display and how best you can maintain it to keep it in perfect shape for the long haul.

How to Choose Outdoor LED Advertising Display

Choosing the best retail LED advertising screens helps capture viewer attention better. These devices have different features and characteristics that determine viewer experience, which is vital in driving conversions and getting them to advance through their purchase processes.


Outdoor Advertising Led Display 1


Pixel Pitch and Resolution

You’d want to target distant passers-by and everyone else who comes close enough to your LED display outdoor advertising board. Resolution and pixel pitch make up for the best viewing experience and offer more detailed images—sharper and more defined. Appealing outdoor advertising LED display boards can attract customers and get them into making transactional exchanges without having to do much.

Arc Angle

Just as you’d want your message to reach everyone passing by, the arc angle is like your display’s inclusive vision angle. A wider arc angle means more people can see and understand your content, even if they’re not standing right in front. It’s like making sure your message is visible from different points of view, ensuring a broader audience gets the picture.

Weather Resistance

Your LED display screen for outdoor advertising will have to persevere through adversity due to harsh weather. Therefore, it should be weatherproof enough to prevent unprecedented damage that could lead to costly repairs.

A waterproof advertising display can be your go-to option. However, being more exposed to different weather elements, including the sun and wind, it’d be best to pick a commercial LED screen with a safety rating of IP65 or higher to play your cards safely.

Multi-Size Mutual Spelling

Similar to how you tailor your messages to different audiences, having multi-size options for LED displays is like customizing your communication for various spaces. If you aim to capture attention from a distance, a larger display might be the right fit, while a smaller one could be perfect for a more intimate setting.


Outdoor Advertising Led Display 2


Brightness and Visibility

Besides picking a weatherproof LED display, your advertising board’s brightness and visibility should be an essential consideration. Too bright displays can hurt your chances of converting potential customers since they can be too much for some people to handle.

Conversely, low-brightness outdoor advertising display screens can diminish media quality and compromise your message or information delivery. It’s also important to remember that outdoor lighting variations can interfere with your screen’s brightness, but a 5,000-nit high-brightness LED display can be an ideal all-around solution.

Aspect Ratio and Size

Content requirements vary among businesses and individuals, so there’s no defined range that you may tie yourself to. Therefore, it’s best to consider your advertising needs before picking an outdoor LED billboard.

A giant LED display board can be ideal if your budget allows you to get one or if you want to capture attention from people in distant locations. On the other hand, a small outdoor digital signage can be ideal for a small business that only focuses on attracting people near the premises.

Reduced Energy Consumption

It’d be best if your digital out-of-home advertising LED board doesn’t get you breaking the bank catering to high electricity costs. Remember, your LED screen for your street-level advertising could run the entire day and night, which means your budget for catering to electricity bills should be high.

However, if your spending is limited and you want to reduce costs, there’s only one way to guarantee that—getting an energy-efficient digital LED advertising screen, such as the Dicolor MP series. Red, green & blue lamp beads of LED display are powered separately and accurately which let them work at the optimal voltage, thus reducing the energy consumption.


Maintenance of Outdoor LED Advertising Display

Like any device, maintaining outdoor LED advertising displays is essential to guarantee longevity and ensure they serve you better. With so much at stake—including damage by weather elements and the risk of wearing out—maintenance should be a no-brainer. Below are the best practices to help your street-level LED advertising board.

Regular Inspection and Cleaning

Regular inspection is essential for identifying potential issues before they escalate. Inspect the entire LED display system for any damage, loose connections, or signs of wear. That encompasses checking the structural integrity of the display, examining cables, and inspecting the power supply components.

Cleaning is equally vital for outdoor LED displays, as they get exposed to various environmental elements. Dust, dirt, and pollutants can accumulate on the screen, affecting brightness and clarity. Use a soft brush, compressed air, or a vacuum cleaner to remove loose particles. You can apply a mild detergent and water solution for more stubborn dirt, followed by a gentle rinse and thorough drying.

Environmental Considerations

Outdoor LED displays face harsh environmental conditions, including sunlight, rain, and temperature fluctuations. Implementing measures to protect the display from these elements is crucial. Utilize weather-resistant enclosures to shield the display from rain and moisture. Additionally, consider installing sunshades or using anti-glare coatings to minimize the impact of direct sunlight, preventing overheating and potential damage to the display components.

In regions prone to extreme weather conditions, such as thunderstorms, it’s essential to invest in surge protectors and lightning rods to safeguard the display against power surges and lightning strikes. Regularly inspect and maintain these protective measures to ensure their effectiveness.

Power Supply and Electrical System Maintenance

A stable and well-maintained power supply is essential for reliable operation, especially for high-visibility LED signage. Conduct regular checks of the power distribution system, inspecting cables, connectors, and power outlets for signs of wear or damage.

Implement a systematic approach to power on and off the display. More importantly, follow a sequence where the control computer is powered on before the LED display and vice versa during shutdown. That helps prevent electrical surges that could potentially damage the components.

Software and Firmware Updates

Keeping the display’s software and firmware up to date is crucial for optimal performance. Regularly check for updates provided by the manufacturer and follow their recommendations for installation. Updated software often includes bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features that contribute to the overall functionality and stability of the LED display.

Additionally, create a backup of the display’s content and configuration settings before performing any updates. That ensures that you can seamlessly restore the system to its previous state in the event of an issue during the update process.



Picking the right and best outdoor digital LED display board is crucial to guarantee durability and longevity. However, that still helps create a better visual quality that can appeal to your customers and potential product and service buyers, improving your business’s traffic. Still, it’s best to understand how to maintain your outdoor advertising display screens to ensure that they’re of better service for the long haul.



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