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Dicolor’s LED display solutions, designed for versatility across various environments. Whether enhancing live concerts with vibrant visuals, elevating broadcast studio settings, or adding solemnity to church services, Dicolor’s technology ensures optimal performance.


UT Series

High Transparency & Lightweight Outdoor Rental LED Solution

AF V3 Series

Inspire creativity
unlock new rental experience

DV2 Series

Inspire creativity
unlock new rental experience


Rental and Staging

Mainly utilized for large-scale events such as television programs, performances, and live broadcasts, the utilization of LED display screens with varying designs allows for the creative construction of the stage, resulting in the presentation of more realistic, vivid, and three-dimensional imagery and video effects.

Virtual Studio

A pioneering form of showcasing performances or events, this employs the use of LED display screen technology and virtual reality techniques to present a more authentic, three-dimensional, and interactive stage backdrop. This is widely utilized in various events, such as music concerts, sports competitions and more.

Billboard and Digital Signage

To captivate the audience's attention in various indoor and outdoor settings, LED display screens with high-definition, high-contrast, and high-brightness are provided to make advertising and informational content more vivid and authentic, ultimately raising brand awareness and sales performance.


The production of LED display screens that offer superior visual effects and excellent usability quality has become an indispensable feature for television broadcast studios. These displays are extensively applied in various occasions, such as television programs, live broadcasts, press conferences, among others, in order to present more authentic and vivid visuals that enhance the viewing experience for audiences and augment the artistic expression of television programs.

Commercial Display

Offering LED display screens with exceptional visual performance, good visibility, and wide viewing angles to commercial spaces (such as shopping malls, hotels, banks, airports, etc.) is used for occasions such as product displays, advertising, and information dissemination to attract consumers' attention and enhance brand image and sales performance.

House Of Worship

To cater to religious places such as churches, temples, and mosques, LED display screens with high-definition, high-contrast, and wide viewing angles are offered to showcase religious content, demonstrate videos, and perform singing hymns, among others. In the religious venue market, LED display screens are typically presented in the form of large screens or spliced walls to provide a clearer and more authentic religious experience, enhance the sense of participation and experience for believers.

Conference Room

Providing high-definition, high-contrast, and high-brightness LED display screens to businesses, governments, educational institutions, and the like is primarily utilized for various occasions such as meetings, training, and exhibitions to showcase meeting content, display materials, and demonstrate videos.


For various sports venues, sports centers, and arenas, LED display screens with high-definition, high-contrast, and high-brightness are provided to display match information, real-time statistics, and replay exciting moments, ultimately providing a clearer and more authentic sports experience for the audience and enhancing their sense of participation and engagement.

Project Site: Europe

Sopot Festival in Europe, Poland

Project Site: Europe

European New Year concert

Project Site: Europe

Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Project Site: Asia

Anniversary of the East Palace Event

Project Site: America

Concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Dicolor: Don’t worry, we’re fine!

Dicolor: Don’t worry, we’re fine!

Making display technology creative a better life is the tireless pursuit of Dicolor man. Dicolor’s D-COB technology is now being considered for a variety of global patents connected to Mini LED.

Dicolor will hold DEA in Thailand on February 21-22

Dicolor will hold DEA in Thailand on February 21-22

Adhering to the principle of costomer priority, Dicolor will hold DEA(DICOLOR ENGINEERING ACADEMY) technical training for dealers and end customer engineers in Thailand on February 21-22.Our products will meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. We grow together with Dicolor customers.

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