How does LED display screen meet the test in the scorching heat?

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In recent years, LED displays have become increasingly popular in a variety of social and economic domains as science and technology have advanced. The LED display application sector has emerged as a booming industry with evident advantages and characteristics. With the widespread use of LED displays, people are becoming more aware of their potential safety dangers, particularly fire hazards. Fire mishaps in LED displays represent a major hazard to people’s lives and property, and fire protection methods are desperately needed to address this issue.

At the 2010 Guangzhou International Lighting Festival, a fire suddenly broke out on the LED screen, and the flames quickly spread upward. Although firefighters arrived within a few minutes and put out the fire, the entire screen was destroyed, and the outer wall of the new library was also damaged. On December 16, 2011, improper construction of LED screens in Xizhimen Shopping Center in Beijing caused a fire. In 2012, the LED display at the Harbor Grand Hotel in Hong Kong was struck by lightning and fell into a pile of debris next to the swimming pool, causing a fire in the end. Even the exterior walls of the hotel were blackened. Fortunately, the police and fire trucks arrived in time and finally put out the fire. The fire was put out. On October 27, 2013, a short circuit caused a fire in the LED display in the departure hall of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, resulting in the security checkpoint being blocked.

Why are LED displays prone to fire? Let’s analyze from multiple factors

First of all, in pursuit of low cost, some manufacturers may employ low-quality cables, connectors, electrical components, and potting glue. Especially under high-temperature conditions in midsummer, these low-quality wires are prone to aging and cracking, which leads to insulation failure and, ultimately, a short circuit and overheating, resulting in a fire. Worse, some cheap potting glue may contain combustible components that cannot be controlled and may exacerbate the fire, posing a major hazard to the safety of persons and property.

Secondly, irregular installation and maintenance are also common causes of fires. LED display screens are usually composed of multiple cabinets spliced together to form a large screen with many power interfaces. Improper installation, incorrect wiring, loose connections, unreasonable wiring and other problems will lead to poor circuit contact, resulting in overheating, which greatly increases the risk of fire.

In addition, we should also pay attention to the circuit layout and power distribution design of the LED display, as well as maintenance timely. The power distribution cabinet that meets the standards can cut off the circuit in time when the LED display power supply line is short-circuited, effectively preventing the occurrence of fire. However, if you want to save costs that use a shoddy power distribution cabinet, you may switch to a high-power air switch and connect multiple power lines to the output end of a large circuit breaker. In this way, once a short circuit occurs in the line, the circuit breaker will not be able to cut off the circuit in time, so lead to fire. In addition, there are too many power cord load boxes in the circuit layout and the load current is too large, which will cause the metal wire core to heat up, accelerate the aging and failure of the insulation layer, cause a short circuit in the circuit and cause a fire. Therefore, proper wiring layout and power distribution design is critical and needs to be planned and executed by professionals.

Finally, correct maintenance is crucial to the fire safety of LED displays. The terminal blocks and connectors of the LED display may become loose due to vibration, thermal expansion and contraction, etc., resulting in poor contact and heat generation, which may lead to fires. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly dispatch maintenance personnel to check the aging of the LED display lines and the tightness of the wiring points. During maintenance, need to tighten loose screws and connectors, and replace wires with aging insulation in a timely manner. For outdoor displays, it is also necessary to check the waterproof performance of the cabinet or screen structure to ensure that there is no hidden danger of water leakage. Only by doing meticulous maintenance work can effectively eliminate fire hazards, and ensure the safety and reliability of LED displays.

While facing the fire safety challenges of LED displays, Dicolor always gives top priority to fire safety and uses this as a driving force to continuously strive to provide high-quality fire prevention solutions. Through in-depth analysis and technical improvements of the fire prevention causes of LED displays, we ensure the stability and safety of our products in harsh environments. In the past 17 years of product development process, our team has continued to conduct tens of thousands of experiments and tests, continuously optimizing materials, structural design, energy consumption balance and other technologies, and achieved important technological breakthroughs to ensure the stability of LED displays, so the safety and fire safety have reached an extremely high level.

In order to meet different customer needs, we have launched MP series and MS series, both of them take excellent fire safety as their core features while providing excellent display effects and viewing experience.


MP series

The first choice for outdoor displays, with excellent fire safety as its core feature. We have fully upgraded from raw materials, wiring, flame retardant, waterproofing, to provide you with more reliable display solutions.

Eliminate fire hazards: The MP series uses high-quality raw materials to ensure that wires, connectors and electrical components can withstand the test of high temperatures in midsummer. The selection of flame retardant properties makes it impossible to stop a fire, protecting your investment and the safety of the audience.

Full coverage of safety protection: The MP series has super waterproof performance and can operate stably for a long time even in harsh outdoor environments. It can effectively resist the intrusion of water and dust, and extend the life of the display.

Energy-saving cold screen: The common cathode design of the MP series saves 30% energy compared to traditional designs, effectively reducing energy consumption and providing you with an economical and environmentally friendly display solution.

Convenient installation experience: MP series adopts a lightweight design, lightweight structure, and convenient installation, reducing construction difficulty and cost, and providing you with a more convenient outdoor display experience.

The Led Display Luolai 2

MS series

Leading the new trend of outdoor commercial displays, worry-free about fire safety. The MS series performs amazing in outdoor commercial environments. We adhere to uncompromising quality standards and control everything from wiring to workmanship, to provide you with excellent quality commercial display effects.

Fire retardant and no hidden dangers : MS series uses materials that meet flame retardant requirements. The insulation layer resists high temperatures, and there are no hidden dangers in fire safety, ensuring the safe operation of your project.

Exquisite craftsmanship control : Each MS series display undergoes strict quality control and continuous technological innovation to ensure that every detail meets the highest standards, and provides customers with an excellent quality commercial display experience.

Multiple point spacing options : The MS series provides a variety of point spacing options to meet the display needs of different scenarios, providing you with a full range of solutions to ensure smooth installation and operation.

Efficient heat dissipation design : The MS series adopts a reasonable heat dissipation design to effectively reduce the screen temperature, ensure stable operation of the display, and extend the life of the display.


The Led Display Luolai 4


Dicolor has gained the confidence and respect of numerous engineering projects and significant locations because to its attitude of persistent efforts and focus on fire safety. Our goods are commonly utilized in regions with big populations and exceptionally strict safety standards, such as airports, train stations, shopping malls, and squares.


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As an industry-leading LED display supplier, Dicolor has won market recognition with years of experience and excellent technical strength. We always focus on product quality and safety and continue to conduct research and development innovations.

Our company will continue to be committed to promoting the popularization of fire safety awareness, and to improve and optimize products constantly, to ensure the safety and reliability of LED displays in each application scenario.

Choosing safe and reliable products is the first step to prevent fires. Dicolor’s brand products have significant advantages in fire safety. After rigorous testing and certification, provide reliable protection for the safety of your life and property.

Protecting life and property is our shared responsibility. Let’s work together to promote the progress of LED display fire safety, and create a safer and more reliable environment for society. We looking forward to your cooperation!



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