Billboard and Digital Signage

The Billboard&Digital Signage market refers to the commercial billboard and digital signage market, which is mainly used in outdoor advertising, commercial promotion, information release, and other occasions. These occasions usually require high-brightness, high-definition, and large-size LED displays to attract people’s attention and convey information in an outdoor environment. In addition, since these screens usually need to run for a long time, they need to have high reliability and stability to ensure the working status 24/7. Therefore, these screens are usually made of high-quality components and designs, which are waterproof, dustproof, high temperature and freezing resistant, etc., to meet the requirements of various harsh weather conditions and outdoor environments. In addition, for the digital signage market, these screens usually need to support remote content updates and control for easy operation and management.

Advanced production lines

Professional solutions

Appearance design patents

10,000+ cases of experience

Multi-scenario applications

Scene Characteristics

Adapt to various scenarios and show unlimited possibilities

High Brightness

Ensures clear images under various outdoor lighting conditions, attracting more attention.

Weather Resistant

Meets IP65 standards, capable of stable operation in harsh weather conditions.


Utilizes efficient energy-saving solutions to reduce operating costs and extend product lifespan.

Let us take your LED display project to the next level.

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AF V3 Series

AF V3 Series

Inspire Creativity, Unlock New Rental Experience

D Series

D Series

Experience unparalleled portability and exceptional visual prowess.

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Exhibition in Yekaterinburg, Russia

Exhibition in Yekaterinburg, Russia

The standard configuration of the UC series is a direct-mounted quick lock, and other installation locks can be selected to build a cube or pillar shape to achieve a very attractive display effect.

The 2021 Galicia Medal, Spain

The 2021 Galicia Medal, Spain

We have adopted the design of the silent control box of zero noise in AF series, combed the sense of science and technology with excellent heat dissipation performance; the humanized arc lock design can meet the splicing needs of different customers, and the display effect of the special-shaped splicing in the picture is very attractive; the upper and lower locks can realize quick installation by one person, and the 8.5kg cabinet with a thickness of only 80mm greatly improves the installation efficiency.

Poland New Year Concert

Poland New Year Concert

Due to the necessity for greater safety considerations in projects of this size (500 sqm), Dicolor’s MA series uses an inventive handle + anti-drop hook design to enable single-person hoisting and installation, making the construction more dependable and safe. No matter how large the display screen is, it can reassure performers. The anti-collision PCB’s design makes sure that even if the lamp is knocked off, the PCB won’t be easily harmed, which considerably enhances the LED lamp’s capacity to be maintained.


Dicolor: Don’t worry, we’re fine!

Dicolor: Don’t worry, we’re fine!

Making display technology creative a better life is the tireless pursuit of Dicolor man. Dicolor’s D-COB technology is now being considered for a variety of global patents connected to Mini LED.

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