Step into the Spotlight at ISE 2024 with Dicolor!

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Jan 30, 2024
Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2024), the European professional audio-visual integrated equipment exhibition, kicked off grandly at the Barcelona Convention and Exhibition Center in Spain on January 30. As the world’s top audio-visual and system integration exhibition, ISE has attracted great attention from the industry. At the exhibition site, Dicolor showed up at booth 3Q700 with various LED display solutions, showing the audience solutions such as stage rental, commercial display, smart conference, XR application, exhibition display, etc., bringing a wonderful display feast to everyone.


At this ISE exhibition, the main screen attracted the attention of many viewers with its unique curved straight-edge shape and high-definition and bright picture quality. For this design, we specially used three products of the flexible screen US series + rental AF series + UC series to be cleverly spliced together, showing its strong expandability and flexibility and realizing the concept of “free bending and free shaping”. As Dicolor’s world’s first new stage display product with “one screen universal, one screen versatile”, this series of displays has a minimum dot pitch of 2.6mm, with clear and delicate images that can meet the needs of all stage display effects. It can be used as a main screen or a canopy. It has a unique structural design and a light and thin cabinet, allowing for more creative canopy shapes. The exclusive patented high-precision arc adjustment lock makes it easier to adjust the angle and has higher accuracy. 8 cabinets form a circle with a diameter of only 1.27m. The elastic bottom shell design, combined with the flexible mask and circuit board, enables an innovative S-shaped design to be achieved with a single cabinet. 500*250mm curved surface module, no bright and dark line problems, ensuring perfect display effect. By combining with the D series, AF series, and UC series, a variety of creative mix-and-match installations such as columns and streamers can be realized. The shapes are changeable and can be flexibly applied, making the display effect more “anything you want”. The US series, with its innovative design and multi-functional applications, aroused great interest from the audience, who stopped to experience and consult.


Another highlight of this exhibition is the MP outdoor high-brightness series, which dazzled the audience with its excellent performance such as 10,000-level brightness and energy saving without price increase. Fully die-cast aluminum cabinet, the cabinet is lighter and thinner, making transportation and installation easier and faster. DCD energy-saving technology reduces power consumption by more than 20% and light panel temperature by more than 20%, effectively slowing down the light decay of LEDs. The service life is 1.3 times that of ordinary displays, saving energy consumption and reducing operating costs. The 100㎡MP display screen works normally for 10 years, saving US$40,000 compared to ordinary displays. 7680Hz ultra-high refresh rate, higher-definition photos, and smoother images.


Moving to the center of the booth, the stage rental transparent screen UT series was shockingly unveiled. The UT series has attracted the attention of many overseas customers with its high transparency, lightweight design, multi-functional splicing, waterproof and other excellent properties. The transparent screen display area and sample box area It once became the focus of the scene! As a hot product in 2023, it is widely used in various stages, exhibitions and event scenes. It has been successfully used in many projects at home and abroad, and has been highly recognized by customers. Its excellent performance and stable quality have won wide praise from the industry.


This time we also brought the UE series, which is specially designed for trade shows, exhibition activities and other scenarios. The UE series can be flexibly used with display stands to easily display your products and services and maximize your brand benefits. The back cover adopts a Velcro design, and the advertising display board can be customized according to your needs, making your display more personalized and professional. Simple design, stable structure, easy to set up and dismantle. At the exhibition site, you can easily and quickly complete the display layout, saving time and energy.


This ISE exhibition will last for 4 days from 2024.01.30-02.02. In the following time, Shende Cai will continue to present more different excitement to everyone! We look forward to meeting you in future cooperation and working with you to create a bright future for LED displays!
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