M-DIP Series

Lightweight, Convenient, Standardized, and Safe: Elevate Your Outdoor Visuals with Our LED Displays.

Slim And Light

Aluminum cabinet, 50%lighter than traditional fixed products, save the shipping and installation cost.


Front or rear access for module, power supply and card, front installation for more applications.

Energy Saving

7000 nits brightness, maximum power consumption 300w/㎡, More than 50% energy savings than conventional products.


The cabinet is designed with hollow out, good heat dissipation, high light intensity and effective reduction of wind resistance.


Wiring inside, slow down the aging of wire, reduce the failure rate, no air conditioning, no wrapping, save steel structure.
Product specifications
Product M-100D M-160D M-310D
Pixel Pitch (mm) 10 16 31.25
Cbainet size(WxHxD/mm) 960×960×95 1024×1024×95 1000×1000×80
Cabinet Resolution 96×96 64×64 32×32
Cabinet Weight(Kg) 27.5 25 18
Brightness (Nits) 7000 6000 6000
Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥21920 ≥2600 ≥3000
Gray Scale (Bit) 14 14 14
IP Rating(Front/Rear) IP65/IP54 IP65/IP54 IP65/IP54
Max./Avg Power Consumption(W/㎡) 440/147 443/145 360/120
Curve N/A -10° -15°
Transparent N/A 15% 45%
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