Dicolor’s UC series in Lisbon, Portugal’s Urbit Assembly 2023

Product News
Nov 09, 2023
At the Urbit Assembly 2023 conference held in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, Dicolor’s UC series showed stable operating effects and super picture display, providing perfect support for the smooth progress of this business meeting.


Dicolor’s UC series stand out for their excellent performance and professional quality. The 80 sqm curved splicing big LED screen used at the conference attracted everyone’s attention. Its smooth display effect and ultra-wide viewing angle better displayed the conference content. At the same time, Dicolor’s UC series operate stably to ensure that the meeting is free from any interference and provide participants with an extraordinary visual experience.


The organizer of the event spoke highly of Dicolor’s products and expressed great satisfaction with its performance and quality. As a leading display screen supplier in the industry, Dicolor has been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, and strives to meet the display screen needs of various business activities.


Dicolor’s UC series display successfully demonstrated its superior performance and reliability in conference scenarios through this international business event. And Dicolor will continue to innovate and provide customers with more high-quality display products to help the successful holding of various business activities.

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