Dicolor 2024 Annual Meeting Review

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Jan 01, 2024
Open a new game, take a new step, seek a new chapter, and create new achievements. On December 29, Dicolor successfully held the 2023 Annual Meeting Ceremony and Commendation Conference with the theme of “Winning in the Pattern, Riding the Wind and Waves”. CEO Mr. Xu Chenai, together with all cadres and employees, gathered together with friends from all walks of life to play a passionate prelude to 2024.

dicolor 2023 annual meeting

dicolor 2023 annual meeting

On the day of the annual meeting, Dicolor gathered industry elites and invited important guests such as leaders of relevant departments of the China Performance Industry Association and nationally renowned cultural communication companies to discuss the development prospects and challenges of the stage performing arts market. This seminar mainly focuses on the stage performance market, aiming to promote the healthy development of the stage performance market. During the meeting, the participants had in-depth discussions on the healthy development of the stage performance market. By sharing experiences and insights, everyone jointly discussed how to solve the pain points of the performance market, elaborated on how to avoid vicious competition in a fiercely competitive environment, and promote the industry to move in a healthier and more sustainable direction. This active exchange and collision of ideas points out the direction for the future development of the industry. What’s even more exciting is that Dicolor also showed great sincerity in this meeting to express its importance to its partners. On the day of the meeting, Dicolor reached an order of 15,000 square meters with its partners. This not only represents Dicolor’s strength in the stage design market Strength and wide recognition are also a high degree of trust in Dicolor products and services. Such cooperation is not only a commercial victory but also a powerful response to Dicolor’s solid foundation and unremitting efforts.

Dicolor CEO Mr. Xu Chenai delivered an important speech. In his speech, Mr. Xu first expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the guests, friends from all walks of life and all the hard-working employees. He reviewed the pioneering and enterprising development history since its establishment seventeen years ago and looked forward to the bright prospects of the company’s high-quality development. Emphasizing the necessity of sustainable development of enterprises, Mr. Xu proposed that everyone should bear in mind and follow the entrustment of the enterprise, take quality and service as the foundation, and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise. On the new journey, he called on every member to move forward bravely, continue to deepen the market, strictly demand themselves, and show the strength and responsibility of Dicolor. The brilliance of Dicolor today stems from the tenacity and selfless dedication of every Dicolor employee. Dicolor commended teams and individuals with outstanding performance in 2023.

The awards ceremony came to an end, and the company carefully planned a rich dinner and wonderful performances. Various talent shows were staged in turn, including singing and dancing, sketches, music, magic and other rich and diverse performance forms. The employees actively participated and showed their style and talents, which added a lot to the entire dinner.

dicolor 2023 annual meeting

The lottery event pushed the entire dinner to a climax, and the tension and excitement at the scene infected everyone. Cheers and applause came one after another, and the lucky ones received surprise and joy in the laughter. Congratulations to all the lucky winners. In the new year, I wish you all a prosperous and prosperous new year!

Even during the busy annual meeting, the company always cares about every partner and specially prepared surprise cakes and warm wishes for partners celebrating their birthdays in December, allowing everyone to feel the warmth and care of the Dicolor family. Finally, with laughter and blessings, excitement and gratitude, the party came to a successful conclusion.

dicolor 2023 annual meeting

In 2023, we will work side by side, do our best to achieve our goals, and create one victory after another!

In 2024, let us jointly describe a more brilliant future with a more tenacious attitude and a higher morale! Our journey has just begun, and we look forward to writing a new chapter together and creating more dazzling achievements. I believe that our unity and efforts will continue to create more successful stories!

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