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Boldly conquer the elements, command attention.


Single cabinet size is a standard size of one square meter,reduce transportation and installation costs.


Full front maintenance design, module, power, receiving card can be maintained from the front, power and signal cables were fixed on cabinet already, convenient and fast.


The cabinet is integrally molded using die-casting material, anti-deformation module kit, have higher precision.


Same cabinet for different pixel pitch to achieve universal switch.

90° Splicing

Optional beveled cabinet, support 90° right-angle stitching.

Naked Installation

Die-cast aluminum cabinet, good heat dissipation, no air conditioner, no edging,saving steel structure.
Product MS-480 MS-780 MS-100
Pixel Pitch (mm) 4.81 7.81 10.41
Cabinet Size (WxHxD/mm) 1000x1000x100 1000x1000x100 1000x1000x100
Cabinet Resolution 208x208 128x128 96x96
Cabinet Weight (Kg) 31 31 29.1
Brightness (Nits) 5000 6000 6500
Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥1920 ≥1920 ≥3840
Gray Scale(Bit) 14 14 14
IP Rating(Front/Rear) IP65/IP54 IP65/IP54 IP65/IP54
Max./Avg Power Consumption(W/㎡) 820/274 824/275 900/300
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