Rental LED Display: 2023 Ultimate Guide

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An LED display rental helps improve stage performance to a great extent. Appearing in the form of rentals, people use them in a variety of activities and events. These might include press conferences, stadiums, nightclubs, theaters, concerts, trade shows, exhibitions and more. A rental LED display creates a profound interest among audiences, thereby increasing your brand image and improving profits.

What Is a Rental LED Display?

LED rental display, distinguished by its custom die-cast aluminum cabinet, boasts its essential characteristics of being lightweight, thin, and easily installable. The cabinet’s lightweight and slim design, coupled with swift installation, disassembly, and transport capabilities, make it suitable for large-scale rentals and fixed installations. Adopting a synchronous control system, it can adapt to a variety of video input signals and seamlessly display videos, graphics and other programs. The LED rental display offers the following advantages:

1.Ultra-Lightweight: Remarkably light, easily lifted by a single person with one hand, making installation exceptionally effortless.
2.Ultra-thin: The cabinet is made of die-cast aluminum, which has high strength, high precision and is not easy to deform, saving labor in transportation;
3.High precision: Mechanical accuracy can reach 0.1mm.
4.Compatibility: Innovative structural design meeting requirements for hanging and stacking, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
5.Efficient: Each cabinet is equipped with a quick lock, which only takes 10 seconds to complete the installation of a cabinet, ensuring high installation accuracy.
6.Reliable: High strength and hardness, coupled with effective heat dissipation.
7.Cost-Effective: The lightweight cabinet reduces installation costs, and its low power consumption contributes to operational cost savings, minimizing labor expenses.

Types of Rental LED Display

Event LED screens are available in two types that cater to the special needs of your customers. That way, you can help your customers choose the one for their properties.

For outdoor use

Outdoor LED screen rentals are best suited for events that require an open area. These LED screens can withstand bright daylight or even tough weather conditions. From public gatherings and sports events to other outdoor events, concert display rentals make sure that a large audience can view your content easily. These LED screens are more durable and are designed to view content from far away.

For indoor use

Indoor LED display rentals come with high resolution that makes it perfect for close viewing distances. If you want to make an amazing visual impact on your indoor events, the best LED display solutions are your best bet. An indoor LED screen display offers vibrant colors alongside sharp details good enough to captivate your audiences. These modular LED display rentals elevate your events with impressive visuals.


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What Are the Benefits of Rental LED Display?

Compared to traditional fixed screens, LED walls come with the following benefits.

Rental LED displays are reliable

The rental LED displays are durable and sturdy. So, they can withstand extreme weather conditions such as strong winds or heavy rain. Therefore, you will have an outstanding LED screen that displays crisp pictures regardless of the harsh weather. They are made with the latest technologies.

The LED screens have a long life

The service life of LED screens depends on the diodes that emit light. Working at higher temperatures reduces the life of LEDs. Modern-day LED screen rentals come with aluminum cabinets that keep the diodes cool for long. The thermal conductance stabilizes the temperature and increases the service life of the LEDs.

They come at affordable prices

LED screen rentals are the best choice for event managers with a limited budget. Not only do they get a wonderful visual presentation, but the overall costs are less as well. The brightness and clarity will meet the needs of your customers. Because the LED screens are energy efficient, the cost of electricity bills will be less.

Fast installation

The cabinets are made from aluminum, making them lightweight. So, you can install and disassemble them conveniently. The quick-install LED walls shorten installation time and save you labor costs.

The rental LED screen displays are portable

Traditional LED screen cabinets are made from iron. It was referred to as an “iron cabinet”. The process involved bending, soldering, and so on. The costs were low but they were heavy. However, the cabinets used in the latest LED screen rentals, such as the Dicolor UT series are only 6.5kg.

Small deviation that results in seamless splicing

The deviation in traditional LED screens was a common occurrence because of how they were made. Additionally, the screens fail to meet the need for seamless splicing. However, the aluminum cabinets used in LED screen rentals have a deviation under 0.1mm, resulting in seamless splicing.


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What to Consider When Choosing an LED Screen Supplier?

There is no shortage of LED screen suppliers. Still, finding the right source is challenging. Here are some factors to consider before narrowing down your choices.

An experienced manufacturer

A reputable manufacturer with many years of experience can deliver you the best products. And, the rental of customizable LED panels is no different. They have high-quality displays that go with the latest trends and technologies. Hence, check the testimonials and reviews left by clients. Consider looking into their social media pages and websites as well.

Look for quality

While easy setup & disassembly of LED screens are important aspects to consider, the quality of the screens is equally important. LED screens with the latest technologies will offer better contrast, brightness, and resolution. As such, the visuals will appeal more to the viewers.

Scope for customization

Ensure that the manufacturer offers you with a variety of customization options. That way, you can meet your requirements conveniently. Some of the customization options include the color, shape, and size of the displays.

Customer support

Working with a reliable LED display rental company that can deliver promises is worth it. Their after-sales services will be excellent and they will provide technical support fast. You will get repairs, maintenance, and technical support quickly.

Provide value for your money

Look for an experienced manufacturer that offers high-quality products at competitive prices. Never compromise on the quality of display screens. Choosing displays at lower prices will make you suffer in the long run.


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What Are the Applications of Rental LED Display?

There are many applications for rental LED displays, thanks to their ability to produce dynamic visuals. The LED rental screens improve the atmosphere of concerts, corporate events, trade exhibitions, sporting events, weddings, and other special occasions.

Furthermore, these large screens are great for educational settings, training, cultural events, and art galleries. The rental LED screens make sure that every person in the crowd experiences the fun regardless of where they are situated.


LED screen solutions can help you improve your brand voice while generating more profits. With several features such as flexibility, durability, mass viewing, long-distance viewing, and high-quality pictures, exhibition screen rentals improve customer satisfaction dramatically.

For a variety of LED display applications, it is always good to choose a reliable supplier like Dicolor. They provide all-weather LED rentals that will make your customers happy. Get in touch with Dicolor for LED display solutions today.




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