Nits Brightness: Everything You Need to Know About Measuring Screen Luminosity

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Have you wondered why your phone screen dims down the moment you step outside on a sunny day? The brightness readjusts because of the Nits on your phone. Even though you own a phone or a tablet, you may be unaware of nit brightness because it is a technical term.

You may not know how to measure the brightness. And that is why you are here today! Let’s learn about the bright screen displays together. Continue reading to discover what is nit screen brightness and everything related to it.

What is Nits Brightness?

Screens surround us, be it phones, laptops, computers, or television. Therefore, we must understand the concept of Nits screen brightness. Even though the term is loosely used without context, it is very influential. Nits brightness is the primary factor when assessing the visuals of a screen and its experience.

Nits measure how intense a light from a screen is. However, the concept has more layers. It involves different variables that impact the brightness of the screen. A higher Nits brightness value does not mean the viewing experience is outstanding. The surrounding light also influences the nit reading. For example, a screen with a high nit brightness does not compliment a dim room. It burdens the eyes, causing discomfort to anyone who looks directly at it. In contrast, a small screen can offer an excellent viewing experience when the surroundings are well-lit.

How Nits Brightness is Measured?

There are numerous versions of measuring Nits brightness. Unfortunately, they are complicated and misunderstood by novices. The most common forms of measuring brightness are cd/m2, Nits, and ANSI lumens. There are many tools and devices that you can use to measure the brightness a screen emits.
The manufacturer usually mentions the Nits brightness on the packaging. Furthermore, you can visit the product website, where the item is reviewed in detail. Another option is using applications and software. If you are not a fan of downloading, purchase a helpful tool.

One of the most frequently used devices to measure Nits is called a digital lux meter. You input the lux value of the screen, and the Nits brightness appears after a length computation. One nit is equal to 3.14159 lux. While doing the calculations, divide the screen value with the lux unit. The result is the closest answer to Nits brightness.

What is the Ideal Nits Brightness?

If you didn’t know, a Nit is a single unit of measurement that is equal to one candela per square meter. Furthermore, Candela is also a unit that measures the intensity of light. The word Nit comes from the Latin word Nitere. The original word translates to shine.

Each screen has a different brightness. For example, a laptop screen will emit 200 Nits. On the other hand, an HDR TV outputs at least 1000 units of brightness. The different Nits correspond to the size and usage of the screens. A dated LCD screen has limited contrast and colors. On the other hand, an HDR screen offers a wide range of colors and hues. The Nits are higher for a realistic picture.

Smartphones and tablets will emit brightness of 2 to 1000 emits. If a tablet or a smart device is displaying less than 500 Nits, it is malfunctioning. If the nit is higher, the device will light up rooms. You can use it in the sunny outdoors without squinting the eyes.

There is no ideal nit because the screens and devices carry. However, devices with a higher nit rating are brighter. Their displays are visible in the brightest surroundings. Therefore, if you are seeking a display that is outdoor-friendly, then ask about the nit rating. A lower nit unit means you continue your search.

Nits Brightness 1

What is the Importance of Nits Brightness?

It is a key metric for measuring the luminance of displays, such as LED screens, computer monitors, smartphones, and other electronic displays. The nits brightness is crucial and the point are:

Enhanced viewing experience
Nits screen brightness is an important factor in a seamless viewing experience. The user understands the display a lot better. If the Nits brightness is high, they can adjust the light for better visuals. Furthermore, most displays do not offer colors that are acceptable to a human vision. Therefore, you can measure the light that is reaching your eyes. It leads to timely decisions related to power consumption. You will no longer have to squint your eyes.

Impact on color accuracy and contrast ratio

Nits brightness teaches us about different elements in a display. For example, if two screens have the same Nits measurement, they are equally bright. However, you must also study the color accuracy, contrast ratio, and other elements. Sometimes, brightness compromises dark colors and strains your eyes. Nits allows individuals to understand the connection between energy consumption and brightness.

Influence on HDR (High Dynamic Range) content
Nits influence our everyday tech appliances without us knowing. The unit helps us realize if we are seeing the screen in excellent condition. A screen with a higher Nits screen brightness is excellent for outdoor content making such as photoshoots. The screen battles the sunlight for jaw-dropping results. Furthermore, an individual can adjust the Nits for internal use, which saves a lot of time and money.

How to optimize Nits Brightness?

To optimizing the brightness of a display, measured in nits, involves finding a balance between visibility and comfort.

Calibrate techniques for display technologies

Different calibrate techniques assist that allow you to optimize Nits brightness. Devices have field calibration, auto-calibration, and multiple-point calibration that fixes brightness. Unfortunately, the settings are complicated and require experience. You can ask for professional help. Another piece of advice is asking for suggestions from friends and family who understand Nits screen brightness.

Adjust settings for optimal Nits

Adjusted Nits brightness can make a huge difference. If you are using a device that offers 200 Nits, it is excellent for indoor use. On the other hand, a device with over more than 500 Nits is suggested for outdoor use. You can customize the brightness according to surrounding light and content.

Using ambient lighting

You can install ambient lighting to get the desired results without constantly changing equipment. For example, ambient lighting is helpful in a dim room to create shadows when the Nits value is too high. It will reduce the discomfort. Ambient lighting will improve the viewing experience if the brightness is too high in an already bright environment.

HDR in enhancing light and contrast

For HDR and its content, a minimum Nits of 1000 units is perfect. However, you will need to incorporate ambient lighting and other equipment to enhance the output of the content. Furthermore, you can also study how different manufacturers incorporate Nits into their devices. A device with a brighter screen is ideal for outdoor use and content creation.

Practical Applications of Nits Lighting


Nits screen brightness has a huge impact on gaming. The higher the Nits reading, the brighter the screen is. Therefore, you are encouraged to use a screen with high Nits reading. It will lead to a bright display of graphics where you can admire all the elements. The images are very lifelike. Your engagement within the game becomes far better. You can achieve milestones a lot quickly now!


Even though a high Nits reading is preferred in the gaming industry, the film niche takes a detailed approach. In other words, a screen is more than a Nits brightness. It factors in contrast ratio and color accuracy. Furthermore, power consumption plays an important role too. The film industry also installs ambient lighting to make the images more realistic. The Nits brightness is one of the many elements for picking the best screen in the film industry.

Film Led Nits 1024X683 1

Medical Images

Medical equipment consumes a lot of power. Furthermore, since the technicians are constantly adjusting the Nits brightness, it can lead to a shorter lifespan. Therefore, Nits needs a balance in the medical industry. Furthermore, equipment with lower Nits is required because the equipment operates in darker settings. The ideal brightness does not strain the eyes of the medical staff, surgeons, and nurses. The procedures are successful, and patients recover easily.


Nits brightness is a simple concept. Yet, its application has layers. You will come across Nits in regular lives and professional realms. It is studied extensively in medical careers, the film industry, and virtual gaming. With sufficient knowledge of Nits, you can purchase the perfect device that does not burden the eyes. The eyesight is not compromised, nor does the head feel weighed down.

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