Blooming Wish-2022 Anhui Spring Festival Gala

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Feb 28, 2022
This year’s Anhui Spring Festival Gala has “Blooming Wishes” as its theme, showcasing the essence of Huizhou style to the fullest. On stage at this Spring Festival Gala were Sun Nan, Jason Zhang, Jane Zhang, and other new collaborators from Anhui Satellite TV.

anhui spring festival gala

anhui spring festival gala

The crazy visual technology of Dicolor display adds so much creativity to program innovation. The creative show “Dragon of Thousand-Year” is powered by XR technology, and incorporates opera, dance and other diverse elements into the metaverse, presenting shocking visual character effects.

dicolor xr led display

800 sqm led display

3,600 sqm studio, 800 sqm LED display, 6 lifting platforms, and an aerial ice screen jointly create a amazing stage effect. The high smoothness and ultra-clear display effect of the screen brought a shocking immersive experience to the guests on site.

The main screen, LED floor, and LED ceiling of the main stage all adopt the Dicolor DP series. The lighting and sound effects are complimented by right-angle and arc splicing of the products and the application of LED floor, combined with various splicing methods of mechanical facilities such as lifting tables, presenting a beautiful stage with various shapes.

led floor

the application of led floor

Happy TigerYear-2022 Qingdao Spring Festival Gala

This year’s Qingdao Spring Festival Gala has the theme of “Year of Happy Tiger”. Each program has made significant efforts to thoroughly investigate the city’s cultural and fashion aspects. The directors merged numerous components imaginatively to create a picture of Qingdao’s ecological environment that looks beautiful, has promising development, is innovative and dynamic, has quality construction, is civilized and confident, and has effective governance.

qingdao spring festival gala has the theme of year of happy tiger

200 sqm of dicolor dp series

200 sqm of Dicolor DP series were used on location. The use of large and tiny cabinets, as well as the design of the lifting main screen and the irregular curved screen, can effectively draw the attention of the audience to the center of the stage.

For the first time, this Spring Festival Gala uses 4K+AR technology for recording and packaging. Through 4K recording and the addition of the most advanced UE4 technology in China, the stage is no longer limited by spatial dimensions. The Winter Olympics-themed program “Shining Winter Olympics” uses AR technology to “move” the Winter Olympics venues into the studio, allowing viewers to experience the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics immersively.

2022 beijing winter olympics

This event, full of youthful and energetic program creativity and fashionable stage design, not only completely demonstrated the achievements of Qingdao’s various industries, but also expressed expectations for the city’s future development, reflecting the urban temperament of “no youth, no Qingdao”.

no youth, no qingdao

no youth, no qingdao

Dicolor has consistently upheld the principles of the Spring Festival Gala: innovation persists while the original aim is unaltered. Our dedication lies in delivering superior goods and services, pushing the boundaries of creativity in display creation, and let the display technology creates a better life.
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