Keep improving: Technical innovation of D series collision resistance

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The D series products have been in glory for seven years, and their sales have exceeded 1 billion+, becoming a classic of Dicolor’s generation. As the market changes, customers’ requirements for products are also constantly increasing. When we sorted out past customer feedback and existing customer feedback during 2022-23, we found that customer activities are becoming more and more concentrated, leaving time for customers to set up and dismantle. There are fewer and fewer, and the forms of construction are becoming more and more diversified. Different modeling requirements require customers to use various loading and unloading methods. Due to lack of manpower, hiring temporary workers, and hoisting special-shaped products cannot be delivered and built like regular products, which greatly increases the number of products. The probability of product collision. With the development of the market at this time, the importance of product anti-collision has become more and more prominent, which directly affects the customer’s use experience and after-sales costs.

Dicolor D Series Led Product Update

Rethink and adjust

After dealing with exceptions time and time again, we first adjusted our mentality and understanding of anti-collision performance. We changed from the traditional concept that electronic products are not for collision to how we should improve the anti-collision ability of products so that customers can use them more effectively. Convenient and easier to maintain.
Setting new standards and comprehensive improvements

Starting from March 2023, we began to collect a large number of welding standards from our peers. After sorting them out, we decisively decided to redefine the thrust standard. For example, the welding standard for the 1820 lamp was directly raised from 18N to 30N. After defining the standard, we began to improve it. The improvement process was very difficult. , even after a series of actions such as adjusting equipment parameters, stencil opening methods, etc., we still could not reach the predetermined standards. After changing the equipment fixtures, we continued to find ways to improve the raw materials and use better solder paste. , changed to a better PCB board. After more than 2 months, the thrust force was finally close to the standard in May. But at the same time, new problems appeared. As the thrust force continued to increase, when the product was hit by external force, The product began to lose its solder pads. The quality center leads the technical exchanges between suppliers and R&D electronic engineers to optimize the design. After three rounds of continuous communication and optimization, the product can achieve a 25N thrust force without losing the solder pad. After everyone’s analysis, the raw materials and product design have been optimized. We only need technicians with stronger technical capabilities. After another month of waiting, we hired experienced SMT engineers with high salaries. Finally, after 4 months, at the end of June, After months of comprehensive improvement in people, machines, materials, methods, and all aspects, we have finally reached the goal we set at the beginning. The thrust force is all above 30N and the pad cannot be knocked off by impact.

Setting New Standards For Led Display Screen 1024X1024 1

Continuous improvement and technology introduction

After more than 3 months of comprehensive improvement, we confidently made the upgraded product and fully promoted it to all products to start technical improvements. During the improvement process, we continued to follow up on external feedback. Unfortunately, we found that we Only half of the problem was solved. Customers reported that the pads did not fall off and the welding was firm, but they were still easily damaged.

After the welding process was solved, we took the initiative to learn from the customers about the anti-collision design of various products on the market. By simulating on-site collisions, we found that each product has its own design characteristics. We selected the best from them, improved and accumulated them, and changed the mold with the module kit. , the mask was reopened, the PCB board was redesigned, the cabinet was optimized, and the prototypes were made no less than twenty times.

Achievements and prospects

Finally, in September, the first D390 product was developed, which has strong anti-collision performance, can not knock off the pads, is easy to use and has low maintenance costs. At the same time, we found a set of product design and process design solutions to improve the collision resistance of outdoor products, as well as Dicolor’s original anti-collision reliability testing method.

Change is always long and painful, but when the upgraded products and test videos are sent to the business segment and flow to the market to track the customer experience, it is hard to describe the joy in my heart when I see the satisfied responses from customers during the return visit. , only to feel that all the efforts are so happy.

The market is constantly changing and requirements are constantly upgrading. A small anti-collision capability is just the beginning of our long journey. We must move forward bravely. While optimizing old products, we will bring the accumulated experience into the development of new products step by step. If we study and improve our products down-to-earth, one day our products will be recognized by more people.

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