Saudi Light & Sound 2024 Concludes Successfully, Looking Forward to Meeting You Again!

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May 22, 2024
From May 7th to 9th, the Saudi Light & Sound Expo (SLS), hosted by DMG Events, was held at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center. As the most scaled and influential lighting and sound industry exhibition in the Middle East, this event brought together many professionals in the audio-visual engineering field to discuss the latest industry trends and technological innovations.

At this exhibition, Dicolor showcased a variety of new products at booth 4B91, presenting the latest cutting-edge technology and achievements to global customers. This attracted a large number of peers and clients to stop by for communication and inquiries, with the products receiving unanimous praise.

Walking into the booth, the cylindrical shape created by the flexible screen US series, with its unique seamless curved surface module technology, achieved seamless arc corner transitions. Combined with custom waterfall videos, it created a realistic and shocking visual effect, quickly becoming the focus of the exhibition. This cylinder was composed of eight US modules, with a diameter of 1.27 meters. The US series has extremely high design flexibility, capable of achieving S-shaped and concave-convex bending, and supports a variety of creative splicing methods such as ±22.5° arc, wave, and cylindrical shapes. In addition, the high compatibility of the US series allows it to be seamlessly spliced with five other products, including the UC series, DV2 series, and AFV3 series, providing a broad creative space for stage design.

At the center of the booth, the rental stage application display created by the MF series and DV2 series is featured. The MF series, as the industry’s smallest dot pitch outdoor P2.9 professional LED floor screen, has been continuously innovated and optimized in structural design to enhance load-bearing and impact resistance, reaching 2500KG/m², which can meet the load requirements of car shows. The MF series features a tempered glass and PC laminated high-strength panel design, capable of withstanding the impact of heavy objects dropped from a height of 2 meters. Moreover, the module’s base shell, face cover, power lines, and signal lines are all made from materials with low moisture absorption coefficients, coupled with multiple sealing treatments, providing good waterproof and moisture-proof functions, with the box reaching an IP65 waterproof rating.

Above the booth, Dicolor’s specially designed fixed small pitch LED display MPV2 series for outdoor environments is showcased. This series combines high-definition display, high brightness output, energy-saving and environmental protection, and high stability in one, meeting the stringent requirements of outdoor environments for display screens. The MPV2 series’ design cleverly incorporates curved corner modules, allowing for seamless splicing and effectively enhancing the display effect of 3D content, attracting the attention of many professional visitors.

Another highlight of the booth, the intersplicing curved shape of the flexible screen US series and DV2 series, presents a flowing, scroll-like visual effect to the audience with its clear and delicate display and bright, true color reproduction. It gives the “U-shaped screen” a tangible sense of three-dimensionality, bringing a new visual experience to the on-site audience.

At this Saudi Light & Sound exhibition, Dicolor successfully attracted the attention of many professional visitors with its innovative LED display products and cutting-edge technology. Our booth became a hub for communication, attracting a large number of attendees to engage in in-depth discussions with our technical experts about product features and their potential advantages in the market. Dicolor’s creative intersplicing and flexible, variable design not only aroused the strong interest of on-site visitors but also received high praise from the industry. We are committed to promoting product innovation, breaking through traditional limitations, and providing customers with flexible and variable stage combinations and splicing solutions to meet the ever-changing market demands. In the future, Dicolor will continue to focus on the field of display applications, keep up with customer needs and market trends, and continuously launch innovative products to meet the application needs of more scenarios.

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