ProLight+Sound Unicorn Show| Dicolor Joins Forces with Top Talent to Create an Immersive Stage Experience

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May 28, 2024
The 22nd Guangzhou International Prolight+Sound Exhibition (Prolight+Sound) grandly opened on May 23, 2024, at Zones A and B of the China Import and Export Fair Complex. Once again, it has become the focal point of the industry. This year’s exhibition is unprecedented in scale, covering a total area of 200,000 square meters and featuring 21 large exhibition halls, setting a new historical record and standing out among similar professional exhibitions worldwide.

Among the many exciting activities, the “2024 Unicorn Series” is undoubtedly a highlight of this year’s exhibition. As a leading company in the LED display industry, Dicolor joined forces with top talent in the industry to present an extraordinary sensory show that integrates creative content, cutting-edge lighting, audio-visual equipment, and digital technology.

In the 900-square-meter, 16-meter-high “Fusion for New Birth” stage show, Dicolor seamlessly integrated its LED displays with modern technology to create a breathtaking artistic spectacle. The main stage featured a curved LED wall constructed from the transparent UT series, covering a total area of 225 square meters. The left and right side screens, comprising the DV2 series, added up to 112 square meters. The semicircular section above the stage was made from the flexible US series, the industry’s smallest cylindrical rental screen, ensuring the smoothest transitions and seamless connections.

The main stage screen was divided into nine sections, arranged in three tiers that could flexibly change positions according to the mechanical structure. The transparent screens, in close coordination with stage design, audio, lighting, and special effects, created a dynamic and three-dimensional visual display. As the music played, these screens continuously changed shapes, slicing and merging spaces to create a sci-fi-inspired audio-visual experience. Dicolor’s rental stage screens showcased exceptional color performance and high-definition clarity, making every detail vividly visible. The visuals on stage, synchronized with lighting and sound, came to life, creating a highly dramatic artistic atmosphere that allowed the audience to experience the perfect fusion of technology and art.

As Dicolor’s flagship products in the creative stage display sector, the flexible US series and the DV2 series with their curved configurations attracted a large audience. The US series cabinets are highly flexible, capable of forming S-shaped, concave, and convex curves, and supporting a variety of creative configurations including ±22.5° arcs, waves, and cylindrical shapes. Additionally, the high compatibility of the US series allows for seamless integration with five other products, including the UC series, DV2 series, and AFV3 series, providing extensive creative possibilities for stage design.

The MF series, known for its smallest pixel pitch in the outdoor P2.9 professional LED floor tiles, boasts top-tier structural design and load-bearing performance. Its high-strength surface, made from tempered glass and PC laminate, can withstand impacts from falling objects up to 2 meters in height and has a load-bearing capacity of up to 2500KG/m². This makes it suitable for heavy-duty applications like car shows, drawing many visitors to interact with and experience the unique appeal of the LED floor tiles.

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