Dicolor DP series warmth to help Anhui Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala reproduced brilliantly

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Jan 30, 2023
This year’s Spring Festival Gala of Anhui Satellite TV takes “the most benefits of spring” as the theme, and the word “good” in the music runs through the whole party. Through a unique stage, it forms a trilogy of chapters of “Good family reunion”, “good spring scene” and “good Chinese Dream”. The gorgeous stage unfolds the most beautiful spring picture of Anhui, and the festival songs show the best scene of Anhui, vivid and lifelike.

Spectacular 2023 Spring Festival Gala
On the scene of the party, Gong Linna, Ren Xianqi, Deng Ziqi, Li Ronghao, Liu Yu, and other well-known singers formed a luxury group, singing on the stage, and then to the local opera, sketch, and other diverse artistic forms, the strength of the lineup. The whole party is like fireworks in the spring breeze, warm and warm.

The singers gave the ears full enjoyment with their beautiful songs. The performers fully displayed the charm of traditional folk art by matching the simple and smooth opera tones with the stage spectacle. The integration of concept short films and artistic programs created visual wonders of the stage.
The XR virtual stage created by the DP series famous products provided by Dicolor sets off the beautiful sound and color with the traditional culture of emblem carving, presenting the various atmosphere of “the splendid world between the square inches, and the painting of all living beings with one stroke”. It was the highlight of the show.

Dicolor and you create value
This year’s Anhui Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala in technology innovation, the use of numerical control, virtual, XR, AR, and other modern visual technology, through the application of DP product’s right Angle, arc splicing, and floor tile, combined with a variety of hoisting methods, splicing methods, combined with lifting platform and other mechanical facilities, so that the whole stage dazzling and cool stage effect, lighting effect, sound effect side by side. The dynamic flow of the screen body and the aesthetic display effect, bring the scene guests a very shocking immersive audio-visual experience.
In this Spring Festival Gala, the XR technology advantage of the Dicolor DP series display screen, combined with the optical display integration solution, through the perfect integration of lighting and sound effects, create exquisite immersive stage visual effects for multiple programs of the Spring Festival Gala, presenting a unique performance for the audience. (reserved)

In the future, Dicolor will further grasp the development trend of media convergence, deepen the industry needs, and explore technological innovation. Make more contributions to the field of the audio-visual industry! Let the audience easily experience the shock of ultra-high definition display!

dicolor dp series warmth to help anhui satellite tv spring festival
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