The Guide to Fine-pitch LED Displays

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Fine-pitch LED display is a high-resolution and high-brightness display technology with the advantages of small pixel pitch, vivid color, and high contrast. It is widely used in various industries, such as command centers, conferences, exhibition displays, studios/live broadcasts, etc. It is increasingly valued and popularized for its excellent display effect and application flexibility.

Understanding the Technology Behind Fine-Pitch LED Displays

In fact, in essence, Micro LED and Mini LED are both based on tiny LED crystal particles as pixel light-emitting points. The difference is that Micro LED uses 1-10 micron LED crystals to achieve 0.05 mm or smaller. A display with pixel particles of 0.5-1.2 mm size; MiniLED uses LED crystals of tens of microns to achieve a display with pixel particles of 0.5-1.2 mm. We are familiar with the fine-pitch LED display using sub-millimeter LED crystals, ultimately achieving a 1.0-2.0 mm pixel particle display.

Advantages of Fine-Pitch LED Displays

The advantages of small-pitch LED display are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. seamless splicing

Splicing large screen display technology in the large to meet customer demand has always been unable to avoid the impact of the physical border, even if the ultra-narrow edge DID professional LCD screen, there is still a very obvious splicing seam, small pitch led display to make the splicing after the splicing seamless requirements, high-density small-pitch led seamless splicing advantages can be highlighted.

2. high brightness intelligent adjustable

High brightness LED screen itself, in order to meet the strong light environment and dark light environment to the viewer’s comfortable viewing effect, to avoid visual fatigue, can be adjusted with the brightness of the light sensing system.

3. High grayscale level for better color performance

Even at low brightness display gray scale performance is almost perfect, its display of the picture level and vividness is higher than the traditional display, but also can show more image details, no loss of information.

4. strong stability

The number of times the image is repeatedly scanned, the higher the number of scans, the higher the refresh rate, the better the stability of the displayed image (screen). The lower the refresh frequency, the image flicker and jitter the more powerful, eye fatigue the faster. LED small pitch screen in the high refresh, ingested picture stability, no ripple black screen, image edges are clear, accurately restore the image of the real information.

5. color reproduction naturalization

Point-by-point correction technology, the use of the LED light-emitting principle, complete retention of color authenticity, to avoid other display technologies such as backlight projection of the material, the light running path caused by the loss of color, and deviation, to achieve the true meaning of color reproduction.

Applications of Fine Pitch LED Displays


Applications Of Fine Pitch Led Displays 1


1. Corporate and retail environments

fine-pitch LED displays can be used in corporate lobbies, shopping malls, stores and other places to display product information, promotions and corporate image publicity. High resolution and good visual effect can attract customers’ attention and enhance brand image and sales.

2. Control room and command center

small pitch LED display plays an important role in monitoring room, command center and other application scenarios. Its high resolution and detail clarity enable operators to monitor and process complex information in real time, ensuring the smooth running of safety and production.

3. Broadcasting and live events

fine pitch LED display is suitable for live events such as concerts, sports events, exhibitions, and so on. With its high brightness, wide viewing angle, and adaptability, it is able to present vivid and shocking effects in outdoor or indoor environments to enhance the viewing experience of the audience.


Applications Of Fine Pitch Led Displays 5


4. Educational institutions and public places

small-pitch LED display can be used in schools, libraries, museums, and other public places. It can be used for educational displays, guided navigation, and display of artistic and cultural content to provide a more attractive and interactive learning and viewing experience.

5. Indoor advertising and exhibition

Fine-pitch LED display has a wide range of applications in indoor billboards and exhibition displays.Its high resolution and visual effect can attract and engage more audiences, providing more exposure and interactive opportunities for advertisers and exhibition participants.


Applications Of Fine Pitch Led Displays 2


Key Considerations When Choosing Fine Pitch LED Displays

Comprehensive consideration of pitch, size, and resolution

Point spacing, size, and resolution are more important factors when people buy small-pitch led displays. In practice, not the smaller the point spacing, the higher the resolution, the better the actual application effect, but to consider the screen size, application environment, and other factors. Small-pitch led display products, the smaller the pitch, the higher the resolution, the higher the price. Users in the purchase of products should fully consider their own application environment and program budget, to avoid the dilemma of spending a lot of money but can not achieve the expected results.

Full consideration of maintenance costs

Industry users in the choice of small pitch led display products, to consider not only the purchase cost, and high maintenance costs. In practice, the larger the size of the screen, the more complex the overhaul process, and maintenance costs will naturally increase accordingly. In addition, the power consumption of the small spacing is not easy to underestimate, the large size small spacing led display screen later operating costs are generally higher.

Signal transmission compatibility is important

Small spacing led display indoor signal access has diversified, quantity, location dispersion, multiple signals on the same screen display, centralized management, and other requirements, in practice, small spacing led display to be efficient application, signal transmission equipment must not be taken lightly. In the led display market, not all small spacing led displays can meet the above requirements, in the purchase of products, do not one-sided attention to the resolution of the product, to fully consider the existing signaling equipment whether to support the corresponding video signal. Small-pitch led display attracts users with its ultra high definition display screen and delicate display effect.

Choosing the Right Fine Pitch LED Display Provider

Strong R&D strength

Our R&D center has advanced facilities and laboratories and is committed to promoting the development of the LED display industry. We have a professional team and process to focus on market demand and industry trends, technological innovation, and product quality. We take the lead in proposing and realizing innovative technologies such as ABR anti-knock reinforcement technology, third-generation energy-saving technology, and the industry’s first knob-type arc lock, in order to create practicality and more value space for our customers practically, and we take customer satisfaction as the core to provide excellent products for all kinds of application markets.

Advanced Productivity

We have a 10,000-square-meter LED intelligent manufacturing production base equipped with a series of advanced production equipment. Our monthly production capacity is up to 8000+ square meters. We use advanced machine production, a strict management system, lean management, standardized production process, and always customer-oriented.

Five quality control system

Always adhere to the quality concept of “no product, no license”, with five quality control systems, “source control – incoming inspection – stability testing – aging – packaging inspection of finished products”, ring tightly, layer by layer, to ensure high-quality factory.

Internationalized Brand

Founded in 2006, SZTEC focuses on providing the world’s top comprehensive solutions for visual technology. 18 years of brand accumulation and precipitation, including the world’s third in the dance rental market, the launch of the third generation of energy-saving technology displays leasing of small-pitch screens, and so on. It has won a number of domestic and international design awards and has established a number of branches and offices overseas, with products exported to more than 160 countries and regions.

Integrated service

We provide a full range of services, including integrated services before, during, and after-sales. We have set up local warehouses to provide quick response and short cycle time. We have organized several DEA knowledge-sharing industry exchange activities to provide global distributors and end-customer engineers with DEA professional and technical knowledge empowerment and inspection and other services.



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