What requirements does a stadium display that is “second in the world and first in China” need to meet?

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Dec 25, 2023
Qatar officially announced the start of the 2022 World Cup at 23:00 on November 20, 2022. This fantastic football feast has millions of fans worldwide delighted. Even though China does not have a team in the World Cup, Chinese characteristics can be found everywhere. The most eye-catching is the brilliant “Made in China” LED display, which broadcasts the most recent World Cup news to the globe’s audience and feels the allure of live competition with fans all over the world.

made in china led display in worldcup 2022

LED displays have been featured in the opening and closing ceremonies of major international sporting events since 2008 due to their excellent color performance, stable video quality, highly creative shapes, energy savings, and environmental protection. As an example, consider football events. Viewers will see the LED displays around the major stadiums either watching live TV or experiencing it in person, allowing the public to enjoy the exciting sports while offering advertising information, and bringing in some ad revenue to the organizers. So, what technical standards should these accompanying LED stadium displays achieve for high-level football events?

led stadium displays

1.Extraordinary display effect

To provide the timely release of dynamic event information, LED stadium displays must have high brightness, wide color gamut, high refresh rate, excellent display consistency, and low energy usage. LED stadium screens, as opposed to traditional printed stadium advertisements, may alter advertisements at any time, and lowering advertisement production expenses significantly. On the other hand, the rules for using LED displays on sports fields are extremely stringent. It is required to ensure appropriate display effects on-site as well as to suit the shooting needs of cameras from various angles. When playing dynamic adverts, the image must be stable enough to convey the advertising effect precisely without interfering with the athletes’ performance. The F2-100 stadium display’s highlights include its high brightness, high refresh rate, and high stability, which can depict every thrilling event moment. In addition, the F2-100 has the structural benefits of easy installation, operation, and maintenance to fulfill the various needs of various circumstances.

f2-100 series stadium led display

2.High security

With the extensive use of LED stadium information panels, fence screens, and digital signage advertising displays, people’s demand for stadium displays is increasing. On the one hand, they must ensure the proper presentation of the event’s exciting moments, while simultaneously protecting the athletes’ safety. Dicolor creatively integrated a buffer-type air pressure rod design to the structural design of the F2-100 to provide anti-collision buffering and safeguard athletes and the screen based on the above needs.

anti-collision buffering and safeguard athletes

3. Emergency exit design

Because stadium displays are used in rental scenarios usually, they must be disassembled and replaced quickly and easily. In the case of an emergency at the stadium, the F2-100 stadium display is fitted with a rapid connection lock and a pulley bracket, allowing the cabinet to be quickly moved through.

4. Retractable support device

To achieve a better display effect, a retractable support device will be provided at the bottom of the stadium display. The cabinet stand is more stable because the bracket’s height can be adjusted within a predetermined range. To achieve a better viewing angle, the F2-100 stadium display air pressure pole’s design angle can be adjusted in steps of 5 degrees, from 70° to 90°.

H2>5. Cluster control

The stadium LED display ensures a competitive atmosphere on-site and also provides the organizer with some financial benefits. It can achieve cluster control, full-screen multi-window display, and seamless interspersion of advertising and entertainment information during the live broadcast of the event.
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