The Vision of a City

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Feb 28, 2018
Everybody has his own vision, so does a city!
What is the vision of a city, how the vision will be presented? Here is our main topic about LED screen application in city planning exhibition hall and showing you how it displays the vision of a city.

What is the role of the LED screen in a city planning exhibition hall?
There is a soul in every city; we can also understand it as the theme of the city. The vision of a city will be always displayed according to its theme. The theme of a city provides a clear clue in the city development.

In the past, the theme of a city is usually presenting by graffiti, old pictures and lots of text. Those elements can only deliver a general idea of the city theme. While now, we need a more vivid and simple way to show the city planning in details. Therefore, it comes out with lighting, LCD screen and sand table which have been used dramatically in city planning exhibition hall.

the role of the LED screen in a city planning exhibition hall

While the traditional ways for visual presentation at the city planning exhibition hall cannot reach some more functions demand. Here, it comes with LED screen technology; people find it is a better tool to present the vision of a city. It can display the past of the city, present the existing city now and show the future of the city. We can see the city changes according to different times and feel the beauty of the city in space. LED screen replaced the lighting, sand table and information text wall. By using LED screen in the planning exhibition hall, it shows a much more vivid and clear vision of the city.

What are the features of the LED screen in the city planning exhibition hall?
Firstly, it is the flexible and unique structure of the LED screen. As there is a limited space inside of the city planning exhibition hall. The proper installation of every screen needs the flexible and unique structure design of the led screen to reach the expected displaying performance. For example, curved screen, round screen, ceiling screen, etc..

the features of the LED screen in the city planning exhibition hall

Secondly, low brightness and high gray level feature demand on the indoor screen. The normal LED screen is too bright to be used at indoor planning exhibition hall. The best brightness should be lower than 800nits as the indoor ambient brightness is weak. But the normal indoor LED screen will perform in worse gray level, frame skipping, color variegation and color cast at that low brightness. So, we have designed a low brightness and high gray level solution especially for the weak brightness application, which can make sure 14bit gray level even it is at 400nits brightness.

the standard configurations of led screen for the planing exhibition hall

Lastly, the integrated controlling center. There are a lot of different scenes in the planning exhibition hall, so we need an integrated control center to control all the LED screen, lighting and audio devices to make sure a easy and simple change and settings.

Therefore, LED screen is now playing a key role in the city planning exhibition hall. It is more like a art work with the city soul. It is flexible, vivid and unique. It also fully embodies Diolcor people’s spirit of craftsman. We spare no efforts to make each art work to be perfect not only on the performance but also in the structure design. So it can fully reach the demand of the city development.

playing a key role in the city planning exhibition hall

The scene requires on LED screen in the city planning exhibition hall
Each city is unique on cultural environment and natural scenery, when doing the city planning; we need to take those elements into it.

For the coastal city, we make the ocean scenery for the LED screen. The screen size is 20meter long and 120 degree wide viewing angle. With the ceiling and floor decoration and other visual devices, it makes people feel in the real ocean scenery.

the ocean scenery for the LED screen

For mountainous city, we made it with mountains scenery. One 12meter height screen with bending design, installing on ceiling and floor, presents the sky, top mountain, bottom mountain and river valley in a perfect way. With other audio devices, it makes people in the real mountains region, see the sunrise and sunset.

The LED screen is not only for presentation but also combining the other design, so it is a very demanding project for a manufacture. But our products line is multiple enough, we have LED dance floor, fixed installation solution, and also the ceiling screen.

The LED screen design principles for the planning exhibition hall

1、Pixel density design
The minimal pixel pitch that people’s eyes can recognize is above 0.1mm, so the pixel density should be 300PPI.

The viewing distance for the planning exhibition hall LED screen is about 2m-16m, for a better viewing effect, we need choose a proper pixel pitch. For example, if the average viewing distance is 9 meter, we can choose P3 indoor screen , if the viewing distance is 5 meters, we can choose P1.667.

Here is the formula for you:

2、Mute mode
As it is indoor application for the planning exhibition hall, it is very demanding on noise control. The traditional LCD or DLP screen is normally with heat dissipation fans, so it is quite noisy. While the LED screen is fans free to make a quite enough environment.

3、Solutions to the uniformity
Compared to the traditional LCD and DLP screen, LED screen can be connected modularly to super bigger screen without black frame. On the other hand, it is easier to make sure the uniformity of brightness and color on LED screen, which can deliver an optimal performance. On the viewing angle point of view, LED screen can reach 120 degree both in horizontally and vertically, so it can reach all the angle of the planning exhibition hall.

4、Light weight and slim design
There is space limitation issue at the planning exhibition hall, in order to make good use of the space, the light weight and slim design of the LED screen is very vital. Some video wall can be installed on the wall with only 100mm space which has fully satisfied all the LED screen installation requirements.

light weight and slim design

5、Controlling system structure
There are a lot of screens for one planning exhibition hall, while we need only one PC to control all the screens, as we can make an integrated control center. Meanwhile, the screen can accept all kinds of signal format by using video processors and display the content to the corresponding led screen.

controlling system structure

Other devices for a planning exhibition hall
1、Audio devices
The audio devices should be chose according to the LED screen and the environment to make it with proper decibel, high fidelity transmission, uniform sound field distribution, audio-visual consistent, etc.While for an optimal effect, it is normally calculated by the controlling system to integrate the LED screen and other device to the best match!

audio devices in led display

2、Lighting devices
Lighting design, configuration and functions should be matched with the theme of the planning exhibition hall. We need fully consider the feasibility, expandability, perceptiveness and a decent ratio of price and performance. The most important is lighting, we need it to make a special atmosphere which can work with the LED screen properly and to highlight the theme of the planning exhibition hall in a natural way.

What Dicolor can do for the city planning exhibition hall?
Since we established in 2006, we have made some city planning exhibition hall cases already. They are Shandong Weifang city planning Hal, Ningxia city planning exhibition hall, Nanjing yuhua district planning exhibition hall, etc. There are some special design: long curved led screen, bending LED screen, U type screen connecting from the floor to the ceiling, multi-system integrated control center and integrated system design for different pixel pitch.

After 10 years experience, we have got a reach technical power. We have a multiple product line which includes M, M1, X, N, I, and Mural series LED screen. We are focusing on the perfect combination of technology and visual art to create an ultimate experience for the vision of a city. Let’s be together, hand in hand, to picture a vision and preview a city!
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