How to enhance the display effect of SMD black light in outdoor rental market?

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Jul 17, 2018
Since the born of LED display, outdoor LED display mostly use white LED encapsulation (SMD white light). However, in recent years, in addition to white lights, black LED encapsulation (SMD black light) has been widely used in the market.

How to enhance the display effect of SMD black light in outdoor rental market?
Outdoor rental solution of SMD black light by Shenzhen Dicolor Optoelectronics
Since the born of LED display, outdoor LED display mostly use white LED encapsulation (SMD white light). However, in recent years, in addition to white lights, black LED encapsulation (SMD black light) has been widely used in the market.
Why SMD black light outdoor rental display is not commonly seen in the market?
First, SMD back light is expensive, usually the price is double or triple higher than SMD white light, customer can’t accept such higher price in led display rental market.
Second, higher brightness is mandatory requested in outdoor rental products, so far, most products are SMD white lights, so people would think if using black light, it should meet same requirement as white one.
Third, customer has used SMD white lights for outdoor rental business for a long time; they didn’t know about brightness, display effect and more details of black light.

2018 Warszawa stolica sylwestra P5.95 SMD black light

Why it is better to use SMD black light for outdoor rental display?
1. Contrast, other than brightness, it could make image in higher definition.
Why higher brightness is needed in LED display? Because increasing the visibility of display could make consumer to fell pleasant when they see the images and videos much more clearly.
Research has shown that human eyes are more sensitive to brightness other than darkness. The visual cells on the retina of the human eye consist of cone cells and columnar cells. Since each cone cell is connected to an optic nerve tip, higher resolution could make detail and color more easily distinguished. The multiple columnar cells are connected to one optic nerve tip, so lower resolution would only distinguish contour of the figure. Although the total sensation of brightness of the human eyes is wide, when it adapts to the brightness of one environment, the range of sensation would be limited to that environment, and the cone-shaped cells playing a major role is responsible to examine the color.

Top image: 5000 contrast, Buttom image: 3000 contrast

SMD black light has higher contrast than SMD white light and contrast is more important than brightness for outdoor product.
After analyzing and measuring the optical performance parameters of the LED display, the indicators that can objectively evaluate the video display effect of the LED display screen are mainly image stability, brightness, chromaticity, contrast and viewing angle. Contrast as the key factor of display definition, is the most important part for displaying. Higher contrast means more vivid image with noticeable layering.

1)  Outdoor SMD white light vs  Outdoor SMD black light:
2)  According to the definition of SJ/T 11141-2012 LED display general specification 3.19, the highest contrast refers to the ratio of the maximum brightness to the background brightness measured by the display under certain ambient illumination. For outdoor products, higher background brightness would cause worse display effect, SMD white light increases background brightness and it has lower contract. The higher contrast makes higher displaying brightness and brilliance of the color.
Left Image (SMD black light) VS   Right Image(SMD white light)
As above image, under outdoor environment, SMD white light has higher background brightness in high brightness panel, SMD black light has darker background in dark panel.
3) Background luminance ratio of SMD black light in outdoor rental display is normally 3000:1, while it’s 1000:1 for SMD white light. Because the ambient light is stronger in outdoor environment, the background brightness of black light is higher than the white light, and the contrast is lower as well.
Comparison of testing result
4) In addition, the background brightness is generated by the panel of the LED display and the illumination tube reflecting the external illumination. Means the measured background brightness is affected by the reflection coefficient of the panel and arc tube.
First, the panel reflection is analyzed. The larger the reflection coefficient of the panel, the larger the value of the measured background brightness, and the smaller the value of the contrast obtained. Therefore, to improve the calculation of the contrast value, the reflection coefficient of the panel should be minimized first.
The easiest way to reduce the reflection coefficient is to apply a layer of light absorbing material on the background panel, to reduce the reflected light.

In order to reduce the background brightness to a greater extent, a small groove or pattern can be engraved on the panel, as below image.
5) In addition to the high contrast, the SMD black light has another high-quality performance, that is, it is not reflective. As the PPA bracket of灯珠in SMD black light is black, black color is unable to reflect light.

When light casts on the black color object, it will be transferred to other energy (like heat). So even there is stray light, the black PPA bracket will absorb all and not reflecting, which could reduce disruption of stray light and no crosstalk, smearing, and interference with each color. This could make color more pure, clear, and vivid.

The stage background screen is a typical example; there is a lot of stray light by different colors casting by stage light, it will have a big influence to display effect.
Besides non-reflection of SMD black light, by surface atomization processing technology provided by Shenzhen Dicolor Optoelectronics, diffusing the light, images are still well been displayed in stage even under server reflection environment.

Therefore, it is possible to avoid the mutual interference of light rays between various light sources on the stage. The led display by use of SMD black light could keep display image level of light and shade stay all clear.

So far there are two kinds of LED lights in the market; one is painting black on the surface of luminous tube, and the other is producing tube by black PPA.
A :Black painting on LED light B: LED light made of black PPA
A Black painting on LED light
Advantage: higher brightness, lower price, higher market share.
Disadvantage: High reflectivity affects display contrast of the bowl and PPA edge
B : LED light made of black PPA
Advantage:      higher contrast than A
Disadvantage: lower brightness, higher price than A
3) At last, to improve contrast could add cap at mask of led display, as cap could reduce the reflectivity of the screen surface. As below image.
product without cap   product with cap
From the picture above, we could figure out product without cap has a high reflection would make higher background brightness and reduce the contrast, and vice versa to the product with cap.
1. Exquisite display effect of SMD black light
As above picture shown, under same brightness, the higher the contrast, the display would be more exquisite; under same color, the higher the contrast, the gray scale transition would be much better.
2. All in one for outdoor and indoor.
Dicolor’s outdoor led display used by SMD black light with brightness up to 4300nit,
its meet all the requirements for outdoor application. By technology of original gray compensation developed from Shenzhen Dicolor Optoelectronics Co., Ltd, it won’t change display effect by lowering gray level.
By far, the brightness of outdoor product in the market is 3000-4500 nit, when lowering the brightness to 1000nit when use it indoor that cause the gray level down too much. Also make the exquisiteness and color reproduction of the indoor display will be much worse.
The below image is the displaying effect compared of the SMD white light (left) (4500 nit) and Dicolor’s outdoor SMD black light P4.81 (4300nit) after reducing the brightness to 1200 nit. SMD black light for outdoor display with Dicolor’s gray compensation technology, it could achieve all in one solution for outdoor/indoor demands.
3.  Dicolor’s SMD black light solution for outdoor stage rental
According to multiple advantages of SMD black light, Shenzhen Dicolor Optoelectronics Co., Ltd has researched M-Plus, M-Pro and MA series by different application demands.
M-Plus, M-Pro and MA of SMD black light has shown its powerful strength in many big events, building international stage with more products, coming out soon!
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