Dicolor won two awards at the ceremony – “Famous Brand of Rental LED” and ” Famous Brand of Outdoor LED fine Pitch”

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Dec 29, 2022
As the most professional, authoritative and comprehensive industry resource vertical media in the field of audio and video engineering, Digital Audio and Video Network, relying on its strong industry influence, is composed of Digital Audio and Video Engineering Network, Digital Audio and Video Engineering Organizing Committee, “Digital Audio and Video The “Digital Audio-Video Engineering Network Annual Brand Selection Event” sponsored by Engineering Magazine has been successfully held for 14 consecutive sessions. The selection event has been highly recognized inside and outside the industry for its fairness, professionalism, and authority.

dicolor won two awards at the ceremony

The selection activity lasted for more than three months. After the online and offline voting of industry stakeholders such as dealers, engineering companies, end customers, and media practitioners in the early stage, the digital audio and video engineering network organized authoritative experts in the industry to review according to the shortlisted companies. The performance of multiple links such as product research and development strength, product market share, customer satisfaction, product quality, brand reputation, and product post-service will be comprehensively evaluated, and the top ten brands in the industry will be selected for recognition through layer-by-layer selection and fierce competition. In the end, Dicolor won the two awards of “2022 Famous Brand of Outdoor LED Small Pitch” and “2022 Famous Brand of LED Rental Screen”, which demonstrates Dicolor’s strong strength in the field of LED display!

famous brand of outdoor led fine pitch

In this selection, dicolor won the two awards of “Famous Brand of Outdoor LED Small Pitch” and “Famous Brand of LED Rental Screen”. This is the market’s high recognition and affirmation of the dicolor brand and the innovation of small-pitch and rental screen display technologies. On the other hand, it is also an excellent embodiment of dicolor’s high-quality products and good reputation.

In 2022, dicolor will continue to innovate and lead high-quality development. Construct a multi-product matrix to meet the market demand in various fields. By bringing together all ecological product lines such as stage performances and smart commercial displays, it can empower all walks of life to upgrade intelligently, and contribute a little to the high-quality development of my country’s LED display products.
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