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Mar 15, 2018
LED screen or more can associate with the other ways to fully deliver the creative ideas and humanistic culture for the theme park.

Project Overview

1.1 Project Background

Theme park has becoming the main subject in the development of modern tourism industry and it is also playing an important role in the future tourism development. It is an entertainment space which would be made according to a special theme or stories. There are lots of information needs to be posted in this big space, while the traditional billboard, poster and broadcasting is far away enough to reach the demand for information communication. So, one LED screen or more can associate with the other ways to fully deliver the creative ideas and humanistic culture for the theme park.

project background

1.2 Project requirements

The theme park is a tourist place designed by a special theme and applying with modern technologies and lots of entertainment activities, and integrating with leisure elements and reception services. It can be called a creative culture experiencing paradise in where the tourists can be satisfied to the utmost with the versatile leisure and entertainments. So the LED screen needs to be customized according to the different themes. We need to choose the suitable solutions to different applications, like the special design, suitable dimension, technology demand or installation ways, all of those issues need to be considered. Additionally, to combine the surroundings and add some culture elements for creating an artistic atmosphere which will make a big difference!

Firstly, as the LED screen in the theme park for outdoor applications, there are three vital elements need to be considered, one is the water-proof issue, as the there are normally with water parks in the theme park, if the screen need to be installed beside the water area or in the water, it need be with very demanding water-proof capacity. The second issue is the weather-proof capacity, as the screen is used outdoor; it has to stand with direct sunshine, heavy rain and wind, high temperature and high humidity environment. The third question is the choice for indoor screen. With the development of HD and interactive technology, 3D technology, it delivers us a better indoor performance screen and achieves rich interactions and communication function. For the indoor theme theater, the indoor screen solutions can be a optimal choice.

Secondly, there are lots of other electronic devices in the theme park as well; in order to make sure those devices work well, the LED screen must to be EMC approved to stop the distraction on other devices and to improve the devices ‘security and stability.

Lastly, Eco-friendliness is one the important elements on Led screen. Compared with other devices, the LED screen solutions to the theme park will be with low-power consumption and higher brightness, in which way we can save lots of cost for customers.

Project design

2.1 The design principles

According to the theme park design principles, the creation of the virtual environment must be corresponding with the real park environment. The lighting needs to be combined with the real objects naturally.

1.The configurations of the controlling system
Based on the demand for the theme park design, we need make sure the security on the displaying. As there are tourists every day there, there must be one stand-by system of the rate and time interval of the screen displaying to make sure the security and to reach the demand for the safe displaying. If any problems occurred, we can shift it to the standby system immediately. Here are the configurations of the main devices:
a.Configuring a video processor according to the signal inputs
b.18 signal outputs separately and broadcasting controlling
c.Security monitoring
d.Other devices for video or audio

2.The gist of the LED screen design principles
There are different kinds of LED screen if we name it according to the different installation ways, there are: Wall inserting LED screen, Wall hanging screen, Roof screen, hanging screen, Pole Screen, Mobile screen, F shape screen, Truss Screen, Ceiling screen, etc. There are main installations:

1.Wall hanging installation screen which will normally be installed on the entrance of the theme park.
1) it is normally installed indoor or semi-outdoor
2) For small size screen, there is no back maintenance channel, so it is front door opening service or taking down the whole screen for service.
3) For bigger size screen, it is normally front service.
4)For a better appearance of the screen , it is normally doing wrapping process to match with the theme of the park.

the gist of the led screen design principles

2. Pole screen, it is normally used for outdoor advertising, and being installed at open place.
1)Single pole screen: suitable for small size application
2)Double poles screen: suitable for big size application
3)Sealed maintenance channel: Suitable for simple cabinet application
4)Open maintenance channel: Suitable for standard cabinet.

the gist of the led screen design principles


the gist of the led screen design principles

3.Wall inserting installation:
1)The whole screen will be inserted into the wall and keep the same level as the wall.
2)With simple cabinet design
3)Front service
4)This way of installation is used both indoor and outdoor, but it is normally used for small pixel pitch screen and the screen size is not big.
5)It is usually installed at the gate or the lobby of the theme park

led display wall inserting installation

4.Ceiling Screen
The ceiling screen is normally installed at the long corridor which is attached on the ceiling of the corridor. By this installation way, visitors can experience the most beautiful combination of the viewing and the architecture.

ceiling screen

2.2 Frame design
1.A complete solution to a theme park should include: LED screen, lighting, audio, video processors and power distributor, etc. There are some differences according to the different theme.

led display frame design

2.The solutions to audio system
Q-SYS delivers the audio signal to CXD-Q speakers by audio internet and then turns on the background music, lighting effects, shows and parade by the constant pressure way and constant resistance way to create background music, parade broadcasting and other special audio effects. Due to the three sets of system are integrated into one platform, the different speakers can be reused. For example, the speakers for parade can be used for background music, and the speakers for background music can be used for the broadcasting of the recreation facilities and background music. We can make full use of the speaker system to finish the different tasks.

3.The solutions to system
The combination of the controlling center and environmental monitor can integrate and analysis the energy and the power system, cooling system, environment safety, capital and server supervising from the data center.
a.Standby data for servers, improving the stability.
b.The management of the monitors can be managed manually and automatically. It can indicate the working situation by images, animations, texts, or curving lines.
c.It can be connected with the big screen and can display multiple screens in which you can see all the informations.
d.Integrating the engines, door control, video system into one platform, which makes a good information communication and uniforms the alarm system.
e.Video control. When the door of the control center is open or other devices do not work well, it will be photographed by the software automatically and you can check the video by the alarm system.

4.Power system
The fixed power distributors are normally chose for the theme park, there are four type: 20KW, 40KW, 80KW and 150KW. You can also choose multifunction card or anti-lightning device as you need. We normally calculate the power consumption according to the size of the screen and then choose a proper type of power distributor. There several issues need to be considered when we choose the power distributor:
a.The quantity of the connectors is enough for the actual demand?
b.The power distributor size is fit with the maintenance channel? ( The bigger capacity, the bigger size)
c.Take the installation position into consideration. And also the functions of water proof, anti-lightening, remote control on power on and off.
d.The power capacity is normally bigger than the input power of the screen. If the total power consumption is more than 10kw, we need to use power distribor.
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