Dicolor intelligent display made debut in Frankfurt exhibition

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Apr 12, 2017
April 4th to 7th, Prolight&Sound grandly opened in Frankfurt, Germany. Dicolor new intelligent rental led display products M-Pro, made debut in the exhibition, which attracted more than 500 European and American customers’ visit. M-Pro’s innovative fast lock design and installation got the customer’s praise. Then what is the characteristic of this rental product that solves the customer’s difficulties and has been favored by customers?

dicolor intelligent display made debut in frankfurt exhibition

In 2017, Dicolor put forward the concept of intelligent led display for the first time in the industry, marking the LED industry enter a new period of intelligent LED display. As one of the two intelligent display products launched by Dicolor, M-Pro is featured with the industry’s first automatic color calibration, creative curved design, three in one fast lock system, modular design and installation functions, and it solves customers following several major problems:

The replacement module has a color difference?

With the memory module design and a memory function, after replace the module, M-Pro can import dates, automatically correct the color, to maintain the consistency of the product screen color and improve picture quality, make the screen clearer!

m pro series led display

Is the box installed time-consuming?

M-Pro is featured with a three-in-one design, one step can realize up and down box stitching. At the same time M-Pro modular design, box, power box and module independent design, can achieve modular installation. M-Pro innovative design significantly enhances the efficiency of screen installation, saving customers time and manpower.

m pro series design

Is curved connection complicated?

For stage rental activities, the curved connection is essential; the perfect curved connection can create a variety of amazing choreography effect. For curved connection, the operation steps are more cumbersome and complex for the traditional rental product, seriously affecting the customer experience. Dicolor M-Pro with innovative fast lock design, by adjusting the angle, and then fasten the lock, only two steps can realize curve connection, greatly enhance the customer’s installation efficiency.

led display pannel connection

Traditional curved products difficult to do straight connection?

M-Pro fast curved lock make it easier to do curved connection and straight connection, the accuracy of up to 0.1 mm!

Box maintenance too much trouble?

Dicolor M-Pro module and power box can be front maintained, greatly reducing the difficulty of product maintenance, improve the maintenance efficiency, and solve the customer’s worries. Modular design also makes product installation and maintenance more simple and convenient.

Is the box easy to knock badly?

With anti-knock design at the button, the box can effectively protect the safety of product modules.

m pro series anti-knock design

In addition to M-Pro products, what are the other highlights during the exhibition?

Highlights one: in the circular display area, the customer can experience product and field stripping

In order to improve customer experience, we set up a M-Pro circular display area, customers can installed M-391 Pro under the guidance of Dicolor professional engineers, so that customers experience short distance contact with M-Pro.

m-pro circular display area

Highlights two: Dicolor two customers want to buy the same product on site

In addition to M-Pro, on the side of the booth Dicolor also exhibited M-480PLUS, its beautiful display effect attracted a large number of exhibitors. The first day, Dicolor Spanish customers place order on site, and got M-480Plus.But in the negotiating area on the other side, Dicolor French customers is very satisfied with the M-480Plus showing effect, and also quickly ordered the M-480Plus. So Dicolor had to make a choice between the two customers. Finally Dicolor had to notice the factory to increase production volume, and provide the customers with the best quality products in the shortest possible time.

dicolor two customers want to buy the same product on site
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