Dicolor announced the Micro technology based on second encapsulation D-COB for the first time and won the Smart Business Product Innovation Award

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Dec 04, 2019
On December 4, 2019, the 11th China (International) Commercial Display System Industry Leaders Summit (CBDS2019) & 2019 Shenzhen (International) Smart Display System Industry Application Expo (2019 ISVE) series of activities were grandly opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Dicolor launched the official announcement with the Micro LED technology based on the secondary packaging DCOB, and the big names in the commercial display industry from all walks of life came to observe and emulate. Jointly promote the rapid development of 8K, 5G, AIoT ultra-high-definition display!


Industry leaders gathered at the Leaders Summit, Dicolor DCOB made its first speech

AI, IoT, 5G, and 8K have become hot topics in the new era. What innovations in products and services can these new technologies bring to future commercial displays? On December 4th, at the Summit of Commercial Display System Industry Leaders, Xu Chenai, Chairman of Dicolor, as a representative of the display industry, exchanged views on the new future of smart commercial display in the summit dialogue, and discussed how to build a healthy and rapid development of smart commercial display with industry leaders. He also expressed his views on the fastest growing small-pitch LED in the commercial display industry.


Chairman Xu Chenai said that the rapid development of LED display screens basically shows the essence of continuous technological breakthroughs, and simplified and highly integrated product forms. He said that technological development needs to be promoted jointly by industrialization. Only in this way can we achieve high-quality products. Allocate resources to provide customers with quality services.



Xu Chenai said: “AI, IoT, 5G,” is the direction of the development of the entire Internet, and it is the composition of the next-generation super Internet. IOT will be connected on a scale of 500 trillion. 5G is to promote the rapid development of our commercial display market, especially in the fields of smart education, smart security, smart shopping malls, etc., which will drive more comprehensive upgrades of the mass consumption experience. Display, as an important carrier and window of these technologies, can just make technology closer to a better life, and make display creativity a better life. In terms of product innovation, the latest DCOB technology developed by Dicolor can better undertake the mission of this great technological innovation.

With the blessing of honor, dicolor won the Product Innovation Award on the same stage as the industry mainstream

As one of the top three companies in the world for LED rental displays, dicolor is constantly expanding investment in other fields, advocating innovation and focus on products, and constantly developing new technologies. The Micro LED technology based on secondary packaging DCOB released by dicolor has attracted the attention of the industry. As an outstanding company in this leadership summit and expo, dicolor, big names in the same industry as Hikvision, Dahua, and Samsung, jointly won the Product Innovation Award – the most innovative award in the commercial display LED industry in 2019.



Thematic summit——Micro LED technology based on secondary packaging DCOB launched

With the development of the industry, the miniaturization of pixels has become a trend. As a new generation of display technology, COB has emerged with a small pitch. In a technology-leading way, dicolor seized the opportunity of the ultra-high-definition plan, and officially released the industry’s cutting-edge technology at this commercial display system industry leader summit – Micro LED technology based on secondary packaging DCOB.


Regarding the specific meaning of DCOB, Mr. Luo Kai, deputy general manager of dicolor, shared at the summit: “DCOB is Double Chip On Board (secondary packaging), and D comes from three words Dicolor, Do, Double. The second packaging of DCOB Vacuum packaging is done once, and the second time is the overall sealing. It is a unique technology in the field of COB – Micro LED technology based on secondary packaging DCOB”


COB is one of the trends in the display industry, and DCOB is a unique technology of Dictek. Eliminating the bracket concept of traditional LED technology, electroplating, reflow soldering, SMT and other processes have greatly improved the stability of the LED display. The quality of good products reaches 98%. Compared with the failure rate of 10ppm in the same industry, the frontal pressure resistance of the same industry is 6kg, the failure rate of DCOB is reduced to 5ppm, and the frontal pressure resistance reaches 10Kg. The high-temperature cooking temperature is higher than that of the same industry. Reliability and environmental adaptability are stronger.

Dicolor’s full set of solutions are assembled to restore the real scene

The Wisdom Display Expo is located at 8T012, focusing on the theme of “Micro LED technology based on secondary packaging DCOB”, dicolorCOB products debuted for the first time, intelligent conference solutions + visual security monitoring solutions + 4K ultra-high-definition hot-selling products The HA series was exhibited shockingly, with the most complete application solutions, bringing the best experience to customers.


Dicolor’s latest COB product HA-151C simulates the security monitoring scene, combines with the visual decision-making system, analyzes the data in real time, and restores the security monitoring scene.



Dialogue with the media to help smart business display

As an outstanding exhibitor representative of this exhibition, on the first day of the exhibition, the chairman of dicolor accepted interviews from 4 media outlets including Guangdong TV Station, Sina, Shenzhen Special Zone News, and Hexun.com.


During the interview, Chairman Xu Chenai expressed his views on the current economic environment and the smart business display industry. He said that the smart business display application market is huge. LED display, as a very important medium for smart business display, is gradually moving towards pixel With the development of modernization, there will be more and more commercial display applications in the future, such as conferences, science and education industries, and more and more applications. Based on dicolor’s leading innovative technology in the ultra-high-definition field, the original “Micro LED technology based on secondary packaging DCOB” will contribute to the rapid development of smart commercial display applications.

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