2017 Dicolor whole industry chain promotion model, the first battle victory with international market.

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May 22, 2017
In 2017, Dicolor New products Release Conference of Russia was held in Moscow in May 17th. After a year, then the Russian capital, Mural, X-Plus and M-Pro product release for open field, stunning four!


Since 2016, Dicolor pioneered the whole industry chain promotion model, which has aroused great repercussions in the market. As the second station of practice in Russia, Russia has been touted by the international market. This year, Dicolor chose Russia as the first stop of the international market, once again integrated industry chain resources, joint RGBlink techinology and Novastar technology to open up the former Soviet Union market.


In the conference, Dokey Dicolor strategy director products Mural series LED display Dicolor manufacturers do a full range of analysis, “Mural” means the wall painting, wall decoration, image shows that the properties of this product, namely Dicolor’s products Mural can be like a beautiful wall painting hanging on the wall. The dissemination of information. Mural series of products dedicated to providing the best commercial advertising display solutions for customers, through the function of ultra thin, cluster control, before and after the maintenance, wall hanging and lifting installation method, can meet the application requirements of display advertising business in various fields, providing brand display advertising and other best platform for customers, enhance customer brand value. With the development of advertising market both inside and outside of the country, the status and value of advertisement in advertisement will be promoted continuously with its unique advantages. On-site customer feedback “Mural products in the appearance is very beautiful, better than the traditional solid products.””. The human face recognition, beauty camera, full maintenance module before selling point focused by customers.


As the core business of Dicolor leasing products, X-Plus and M-Pro products have become the focus of the scene. 16 years, the Dicolor for the first time intelligent, fool type operation, which is one of the biggest features of X-Plus, its first unique arc lock design, eliminating the traditional product complex operating processes. M-Pro launched in 5 months rapidly rising, become an all star international leasing market, intelligent design, automatic correction module, 16 bit grayscale radian lock and anti bump etc. enough to attract the attention of customers leasing.

The new product conference attracted more than 60 former Soviet customers, but also thanks to the full support and cooperation of RGBlink techinologye, Novastar Techinology.
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