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Apr 27, 2017
Dicolor #ISE2023 Exhibition is coming
April 20th to 22rd , the world’s most industry-renowned logo signs and advertising industry exhibition – ISA Sign Expo in Las Vegas grand opening. As China’s top ten LED display business Dicolor Optoelectronic bring a variety of products debut, attracting a large number of exhibitors stop consultation.


As the world’s entertainment capital of Vegas, the entertainment industry is very developed, outdoor advertising marketing is listed as one of the largest global advertising logo sign needs of the city, large streets in the city filled with a large number of outdoor advertising display Screen, the screen body an average area of more than 100 square meters. Dicolor Optoelectronic unveiled the ISA show again this year to provide customers with the best possible solution.


The exhibition, Dicolor the entire layout of the main colors in black, the exhibition hall in the middle of the M-590Plus products, using the form of lifting, this product has a versatility, climbing and curved design etc… Can be used with a variety of places to meet the needs of a variety of rental customers.

The debut of the other two products are M-160D outdoor solid products and Dicolor new Mural commercial display series.


Dicolor M-160D is an energy-saving, light and practical outdoor advertising LED display product that is truly tailored from the customer’s point of view. From the energy saving point of view, according to the statistics, using M-160D products, From the thin point of view, weight and 24Kg / ㎡, the thickness of only 85mm, LED display weight directly determines the complexity of the steel structure, light weight, Of the products can reduce the direct cost of steel structure. From a practical point of view, to ensure that the LED display on the basis of the installation effect, to quickly and easily install the product, reduce the installation of manual input. Display screen display is clear, support high-definition video playback, advertising efficiency is obvious.


Mural as Dicolor this year’s new flagship product is one of the show, in this year’s Guangzhou show after the first show, quickly became the best customers at home and abroad products. The Smith Show, Dicolor once again set up the experience of the Pakistani experience area, the Mural products better into the scene, allowing customers to experience the business value of the scene at zerodistance.

2017 ISA has ended, and Dicolor harvest a lot, intended to reach 100 customers. June 14 USA Infocomm Show is coming soon, Dicolor will continue to provide customers with the best service and products.
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