The Finance Ministry Hall in Cairo, Egypt

MS series can support multiple installation methods (wall-mounted installation, embedded installation and stacking installation), and support full front maintenance (module, power supply and receiving card); the weight of each cabinet is 6 kg, yet the cabinet is just 62mm thick; It can be used as a commercial display or rental; and the cabinet can be spliced ​​into a 90-degree right-angle column shape, and a 0-90-degree circular splicing can also be realized (requires the support of the structure and custom connector); The MS series can also realize the LAN application scheme, and control the display screen and play programs in the same LAN. The screen in the hall is divided into two for publicity display, the clear and delicate image display effect has also been highly praised by customers.

  • Product:MS
  • Screen size: 20sqm
  • Location:Egypt
  • Time:2020

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