Tesco Lotus Event 2018 in Thailand

Tesco Lotus is a Thai retail business owned by the Chia Pokphand Group. It has been in operation and development in Thailand for the past 24 years. About 15 million consumers will come to shop every week on average. It has become a must-see destination for travelers from all around the world. Tesco Lotus added 45 locations in Thailand in the first half of this year and has stated that it would continue to expand. The Tesco Lotus Supermarket event made use of Dicolor's 180sqm M-Plus series, which provided a seamless high-definition display effect. The screen is separated into three sections to show the high quality of our product while also promoting the mood of the event site achieve orgasm.

  • Location:Thailand
  • Product:M-Plus
  • Time:2018
  • Screen size:180㎡

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