Sports Center in Marseille, France

Marseille, which is constructed around the harbor, actively develops the sports sector through the driving of football matches while also creating a better sports city for sports enthusiasts. In 2017, it was proclaimed the European Capital of Sports. Every community in France (the size of which is similar to our country's residential area) has at least one amateur football club. Adults and children in the community can join an amateur club right on their doorstep without having to worry about a lack of venues. The game drew almost 20,000 fans to the sports center in the photo. Dicolor's 144sqm M-480 series equipment were used for live broadcasting on the football pitch. The supporters were so enthralled by the atmosphere that they almost lost control.

  • Product:M-480Pro
  • Screen size: 144sqm
  • Location:France
  • Time:2018

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