2024 SEYUZU Spring-Summer new product conference in Guangzhou

The SEYUZU 2024 Spring-Summer New Product Launch Conference has come to a successful conclusion! The clothing brand SEYUZU shows a culture and art of wearing. In this show, our transparent screen UT series, combined with well-matched lighting and sound effects, created a bright and stylish stage effect. Most of the clothes in this press conference is dominated by flower patterns, conveying the youthful vitality of the girls, just like our UT series showing a special softness, meanwhile the high transparency rate does not affect the brilliant display effect. The simple fabric cutting fits the model's figure very well, just like UT's integrated control cabinet set, makes maintenance faster and easier. The layout of the scene also caters to the current fashion trend, now let's relive this unforgettable moment again!

  • Product :UT
  • Screen size:137.5 sqm
  • Location:China
  • Time:2023

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