Poland Sopot Music Festival

The Sopot Music Festival, a significant music festival in Poland, has exacting aesthetic standards for the stage: props, lighting, and background screens need to be exactly matched to accurately reflect the music festival's theme. With its high clarity and great color performance, the MA series shows every wonderful performance vividly. Changes in the live show also have an impact on the audience's emotional state. The MA series can also be equipped with a revolutionary high-precision arc lock design, allowing the stage to be more layered and imaginative rather than being constrained to the typical flat form. Based on Dicolor's extensive experience with large-scale music events, the MA series exhibits unrivaled visual charm, continually pushes the boundaries of stage performance, and presents the audience with a vivid music universe.

  • Product: MA
  • Screen size: 650sqm
  • Location:Poland
  • Time:2021

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