Oman Youth Day

Dicolor's UT Series transparent LED screen UT390 took center stage at the influential Oman Youth Day celebration, spanning 530 sqm and adding a touch of technological brilliance to this significant Middle East event!

With a higher transparency rate, the screens seamlessly blended with the cultural richness, enhancing the vibrant spirit of the occasion. The lightweight design and super convenient installation underscored the importance of efficiency in executing such a impactful celebration. As the festivities unfolded, Dicolor's screens contributed to the visual splendor, making the Oman Youth Day not just a local event but a regional sensation. This celebration, with its cultural resonance and dynamic energy, showcased the power of unity and vision among the youth of Oman. Dicolor is proud to have been a part of this influential event, contributing to the collective memories of a regionally impactful Oman Youth Day!

  • Product :UT
  • Screen size:530 sqm
  • Location:Oman
  • Time:2023

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