Mexico tower outdoor fixed display screen

The M-SMD series is a product that can be directly installed outdoor. The hidden wire design and innovative rotating front maintenance design significantly limit wire aging, minimize failure rates, and lower maintenance costs. As you can see in the image, The 600sqm screen has a 15% air-to-light transmittance, and the reduction in wind resistance immediately reduces the investment in the steel structure; the air vents of the product's mask and bottom casing are designed to tilt upward. It keeps sand and dust from gathering on the face of the module for an extended period of time. The design of the sand leakage hole ensures that sand and dust can be discharged from the screen along with the rainwater, which is also more in line with the usage requirements around the Mexican desert and coastal areas.

  • Product:M-SMD
  • Screen size:600sqm
  • Location:Mexico
  • Time:2021

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