Black Valley Night Concert

"Black Valley Night Shared Concert" is a commercial endeavor to cross-border integrate business (store) marketing and star concerts, provide a variety of new marketing programs such as "recharge consumption to get concert tickets". For the first time, the concert is held outside of Xiamen Province. Many powerful singers such as Fish Leong, Angela Chang, Aska Yang, Steve Chou, and Fan Next Door came to the stage to sang classic songs, and created a magnificent music event for Weihai. This collaborative concert has seen advancements in stage design, lighting and sound, and event preparation. Dicolor collaborated with 800sqm D-480 products to join the concert, enthusiastically lighting up the night sky in Weihai and inviting you to join the music carnival of more than 30,000 people.

  • Product:D
  • Screen size: 800sqm
  • Location:China
  • Time:2019

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