2023 Polsat SuperHit Festival

Dicolor high-end stage screen MA-590 assists Polsat SuperHit Festival 2023. During the three-day festival on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Polsat SuperHit Festival, many singers gathered at the festival, presenting an ultimate audio-visual feast to the audience. The huge stage, dazzling lighting effects, and the wonderful performances of the singers pushed the atmosphere to a climax. The 430 sqm outstanding LED display screen, with its excellent performance, high-definition display effect, high-quality product, and perfect integration with on-site lighting display, multimedia, and stage technology, creates an unparalleled audio-visual effect. #Dicolor's MA series also features easy maintenance, one-man operation, top-notch performance, and effortless live performance. It is the best choice for various indoor and outdoor stages, concerts, and music festivals.

  • Product :MA
  • Screen size:430 sqm
  • Location:Poland
  • Time:2023

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