How can clients select the the right LED display manufacturer

Dec 15, 2023
As production prices fall and LED technology advances, LED displays are becoming more and more common in our daily lives as a new information display medium. It mixes contemporary high-tech and offers a number of benefits, including a sizable display screen, long viewing distance, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, vivid color, and the ability to dynamically display text. It is now found in every nook and cranny of contemporary civilization. Several LED display manufacturers have also emerged as a result of the popularity and demand for electronic displays. Statistics show that the nation has more than a thousand LED manufacturers of all sizes. So how do consumers decide when there are so many manufacturers to select from? Today, Dicolor will provide you with a detailed analysis from the following aspects:

First of all: choose good products with stable quality

1. First, determine where your LED display will be utilized and what configuration you will need, whether high-end, low-end, or mid-range. For example, if there are cameras used in conventional stage rental activities to display live images, you can utilize them because their refresh frequency is above 300HZ, and you can operate them using MBI5024 or power-saving 5035 processors. Simply utilize the control card of Linsn. However, if it is in a TV station, high-end activities, or concerts with high-definition cameras and video cameras, the refresh frequency should be greater than 1000Hz, and the chip should use MBI5042 to operate the control card of Novastar, Silicon, or DBSTAR, etc. The two configurations have a significant price difference.

2. Determine what and how much you need to buy. You have determined your usage environment before, now let’s determine your product. Whether it is an LED display or an LED color display, there are many models, so the first thing is to determine what model of product you want to buy. If you don’t know much about it, you can provide your needs to some manufacturers, and they will also propose suitable solutions for you.

3. Determine your capital budget. Price has always been a very important item, you get what you pay for. For the same product from the same company, the product with a higher price is definitely better. Generally, LED display manufacturers configure for you based on the financial budget. Or choose the model yourself and then negotiate the price. Especially when negotiating the price, don’t press too hard, cause the ultimate goal of every company is to do business with you in a profitable situation. If the order is a loss, then why should the manufacturer still do it?

4. Indicate all your requirements when signing the contract. The previous things have been discussed. When signing the contract, some of them may have been reached verbally, or you think everyone has acquiesced. It is best to write them out in the contract. There is written evidence and no one can change it at will. If there is a problem, it can be easily solved.

choose good led products with stable quality

Secondly, choose a good company so the after-sales service is guaranteed

1. When choosing the a company, it depends on the size of the company. For a company with a registered capital of only 500,000 yuan, can you believe that it will sell you products worth millions? Therefore, if you want to buy a reliable screen, it is recommended to buy one from a large company. After all, larger scale, formal procurement channels, formal production processes and aging processes play a decisive role in the quality of an LED display.

2. Look at the manufacturers’successful cases. If it is your first time cooperating with this LED display company, it is very important to look at the success cases. Because you have not used its products, you can only use its success cases to help you understand the company. If a company’s products are used in many large-scale activities, or there are cases across the country, it at least means that its products have accumulated more experience and have mature performance. You will be more assured when you buy it, and the risk of product problems is lower.

3. Check out the after-sales service. It depends on the company’s services after taking into account the size and strength of the business. Everyone expects that the LED display won’t malfunction while in operation, but no product, much less an electronic display screen with a longer lifespan, can be faultless. How therefore should a problem be handled if it arises while in use? Due to this, LED display firms must deliver comprehensive after-sales services, handle numerous debugging duties efficiently, and offer the necessary technical assistance.

Therefore, when choosing an LED display manufacturer, we must first choose a strong company, and then choose products and services. As the largest and most powerful professional LED display manufacturer in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Dicolor Group Co., Ltd. has been focusing on providing users with cost-effective, high-quality supporting services and high-value-added LED display application product solutions since its establishment more than 7 years ago.

choose a good led display company so the after-sales service is guaranteed
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