Real material quality upgrade – Dicolor’s raw material improvement will never stop

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Feb 08, 2024
With the progress of the times, product quality is no longer the sole factor to meet market demands. From the broader aspects of after-sales service and technical support, to the finer details such as the exquisite packaging and thoughtful design of accessories, these have become key points of customer attention in an era that increasingly seeks overall package effectiveness. In 2023, Dicolor‘s factory, staying true to its original intentions, remains grounded. While enhancing overall effects, it revisits the basics by concurrently researching raw materials. The goal is for customers to purchase products that are not only visually appealing but also possess intrinsic value.

real material·quality upgrade

After conducting market research and understanding customer needs, we initially focused on the core component, PCB. Starting from March, we went through three rounds of more than ten material selection validations. Eventually, we found PCB materials better suited for display screen use. Despite facing significant market price pressure, Dicolor made a decisive decision to increase costs. We transitioned from generic materials to using branded ones and, ultimately, to specifying the brand and model of the materials. In the span of three months, the product exhibited visibly improved soldering strength, enhanced resistance to impact, reduced susceptibility to circuit damage, and increased reliability with an extended simulated maximum usage time.

While improving the PCB, we conducted comparisons, tests, and simulations with over ten types of solder paste. Solder paste may seem like an inconspicuous accessory, but in electronic products, its quality directly impacts the soldering reliability of electronic products. The most noticeable result for end-users is the product’s usable lifespan. After two months of testing, we once again opted for a solder paste with a higher silver content, despite its higher cost. Our sole purpose is to ensure robust soldering, with the hope that customers can enjoy an extended product lifespan upon purchase.

led display improvements in material selection

Alongside the enhancement of electronic materials, we haven’t overlooked the hardware components. The lock material has been upgraded to a higher hardness zinc alloy, and we’ve conducted a comprehensive overhaul of the stacking system. This includes improvements in material selection and surface treatment, employing materials with higher strength and enhanced wear resistance. This ensures that structural components not only present a more wear-resistant appearance but also boast an extended lifespan.

Concerning the flight cases, during the latter half of 2023, we systematically reviewed and optimized the entire process. From selecting materials, applying cotton padding, choosing hardware components to aviation wheels, after multiple rounds of sampling and simulation tests, we’ve established an upgraded set of manufacturing standards for flight cases. By specifying the technical parameters of raw materials, we guarantee consistency in material usage and quality for each batch of flight cases, allowing this substantial component to better showcase Dicolor’s image.

led display flight cases

We are continually optimizing the details of raw materials. In 2023, we upgraded the desiccant from 3g to 100g. With this upgrade, the moisture absorption capacity is stronger, and there is no need for numerous small packets. This not only enhances moisture resistance but also improves the visual experience for our customers.

Our commitment to upgrading and optimizing products is unwavering, as market requirements are constantly evolving. The road ahead is long and arduous, but Dicolor’s employees adhere to the principles of integrity and dedicated product craftsmanship, continuously moving forward.
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