LED Transparent Screen Application Solution for Staging

Feb 16, 2024

Scheme background

In recent years, with the continuous pursuit of visual effects and creative expression in the field of stage art display, the limitations of traditional LED displays have gradually emerged, such as visual occlusion, space occupation, lighting design restrictions, the complexity of installation and maintenance, and high energy consumption issues. LED transparent screens with its thin and beautiful, high permeability, convenient installation and maintenance, and other advantages are rapidly emerging, injecting new vitality for the stage performance, becoming a new wave of leading creativity and art.

Application value

Compared with the traditional LED screen, the innovation of the LED transparent screen is that it has a high permeability, which can perfectly integrate the background and stage elements, presenting a unique combination of virtual and natural for the audience, enhancing the impact and artistic value of the stage works; The high-permeability design is more flexible than the traditional LED display cabinet and can realize a variety of creative and design requirements; at the same time, the transparency of the transparent screen also reduces the interference of light on the stage, better reflecting the light and shadow effects of the scene, Presenting a more dramatic picture to the audience.

Installation method

led display installation method

The LED transparent display possesses excellent transparency and can meet the diverse display needs in stage rental applications. The blanking plate (optional) offers more creativity and freedom for the stage designer so that the stage performance can present diversified display effects, and enhance the viewing experience of the audience.

ut series stage rental applications

Product Introduction

Rental & stage LED transparent screenUT series

  • Thin and light design

  • Air and light-permeable

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Multi-functional splicing

  • Indoor and outdoor use

Product Features

High permeability, high light transmittance

Traditional LED display has a heavy cabinet, poor light transmission, and easily block the stage background, reducing the audience’s visual experience. The inherent transparency of the screen to allow the audience to enjoy the foreground and background of the stage at the same time, creating visual depth and three-dimensional sense, enhancing the layered sense of the stage, and creating a more vivid and attractive visual effect.

Lightweight design

The transparent LED display features an excellent transparency design, compared with the traditional LED display cabinet, its structure is more flexible, easy to install and carry, greatly reducing the complexity of the stage scenery and load-bearing burden.

Fast installation and easy maintenance

Compared with conventional LED displays, its installation does not require a large amount of steel structure. It can be perfectly integrated with the stage using a small amount of steel structure. It is quick to install and will not have an excessive impact on the stage shape and aesthetics. At the same time, it improves the overall aesthetics of the appearance. In the hanging scene of the concert, the hanging lock is used as an assistant for quick installation, and it has the characteristics of easy and fast in installation and movement.

Energy saving and environmental protection, good heat dissipation performance

Because the transparent LED display has excellent properties such as high light transmittance and low power consumption, it does not require additional heat dissipation equipment and can allow wind to dissipate heat naturally, saving 30% energy than traditional LED displays.

Case profile

transparent led display case study

Name: Asian Music Queen Miriam Yeung Shenzhen Concert
Pixel Pitch (mm): P3.9-7.8
Project area: 630sqm

transparent led display case study

Name: Imagine Dragons’s world tour in Israel
Pixel Pitch (mm) : P3.9
Project area: 600sqm

transparent led display case study 2

Name: Asian Music King JJ Lin’s Concert in Shanghai
Pixel Pitch (mm) : P3.9
Project area: 1044sqm

transparent led display case study

Name: SEYUMU spring and summer new product conference
Pixel Pitch (mm) : P3.9
Project area : 137.5sqm
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