LED display getting more prevalent as the Metaverse grows in popularity

Jun 05, 2021
Facebook has officially changed its name to Met, which is derived from the Metaverse. Neal Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel “Snow Crash” inspired the phrase “Metaverse“. The author created a virtual world based on reality, and the Metaverse is the name given to this virtual world. What exactly is the Metaverse? That is, a 3D virtual world with link perception and sharing features based on the future Internet, presenting convergence and physical persistence through virtual augmented physical reality. (Dicolor highlights: To enter the virtual world, it requires a set of high-tech equipment that combines display technology and sensing technology.)

XR technology + LED display virtual production

The concept of “Metaverse” has emerged, and the XR industry has become popular again. XR is an overall description of AR and VR technology. It can be used to refer to an integrated system that includes the virtual and real worlds, and can even be equated with a specific motion capture technology, AR application, or VR game.

In the field of content production, it is specifically referred to as a workflow that includes LED displays, camera tracking systems, and powerful graphics engines. It is a virtual production method that places performers in the virtual world in real-time without the need for green screens and post-production processes.

xr technology + led screen

Through XR technology + LED screen, actors can be directly placed in the “real scene”, saving film and television production costs. It can directly replace the traditional green screen and obtain higher value. It is becoming an extremely popular technology in both the film and television industry, and the LED display industry.

dicolor case - hollywood movie shoot

dicolor case - russian film shooting

Compared with traditional shooting methods, what are the advantages of XR technology + LED screen?

1. Advance post-production

Actors, hosts, and producers can see the virtual environment on-site, allowing them to adjust and guide performances or filming on-site, reducing the time and budget spent on post-production. To put it simply, it is “pre-production of post-production”.

In addition, virtual production solves the problem of crew transportation and environmental waiting costs for outdoor shooting. Simply put, you can reproduce and modify the required environment at any time without having to wait for rain or sunset.

virtual weather broadcast method

2. Real on-site interactive lighting

The lighting is provided by the LED display on the XR site, which helps the seamless integration of real characters and the virtual environment and reduces the time for further lighting adjustments. This is especially suitable for shooting real objects with high reflections, which need to provide real environment reflection information and lighting without adding processing through post-synthesis.

lighting props interaction

3. No color bleeding or keying problems

In a traditional green screen shooting environment, it often takes a lot of time to perform fine keying processing and repair color overflow problems. However, XR does not require keying at all, and the shot is taken directly from the scene.

switch from xr virtual environment back to live real led screen

4. Fast lens correction

Under traditional green screen shooting, the virtual camera lens correction time often takes several hours, while the correction of the virtual camera tracking system on the XR camera only takes a few minutes, which greatly reduces on-site interruptions and preparation time, and allows short Shoot across multiple scenes and conversational situations over time.

led modules that can be freely assembled and expanded

Industry application of XR technology + LED display

1.Corporate activities

Today, companies are increasingly looking to XR as a new way to solve long-distance conference problems. Virtual meetings, virtual reports and even product launches can use XR technology to enhance the immersive experience of participants and enable them to truly feel the brand’s culture and philosophy.

Indoor conference virtual studio construction site

2. Smart Education

XR can immerse students in remote teaching into realistic scenes, allowing students to better understand knowledge, learn knowledge, and leave a deep impression in simulated virtual situations.

led floor display texture to in-camera virtual effects

3. Film shooting

XR provides opportunities for film shoots, reducing crew travel time and exposure risks during the pandemic. In post-production, LED screens offer a faster, easier, and higher-quality alternative to green screens, shortening production cycles and allowing for more creative visual decisions to be made in real-time.

case of dicolor - russian film led virtual production site

4. TV broadcast

LED screens offer real-time illumination and high-resolution, clear content in a studio setting. The content given in real-time makes it possible for the host to interact with the virtual environment more effectively than before, even though cameras are ultimately necessary for collecting. No longer necessary to blind guesses and double-check as in the past.

the virtual studio of dicolor team

5. Music scene

VJ artists can use XR to control and show live music videos, allowing the engine to generate impromptu content in real-time, creating wireless narrative possibilities, and allowing viewers to explore the magnificent world beyond the span of LEDs.

dicolor case - use of xr technology on music interactive stage

6. sports events

LED screens produce realistic reflections and shadows, which can reduce post-production work. The more avant-garde and entertaining e-sports scene is very suitable for the assistance and interpretation of XR, so that the virtual creatures and characters in the game can truly appear in the arena, and the audience and performers can see and interact with the CG content.

interact with the cg content
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