Dicolor: Don’t worry, we’re fine!

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Sep 19, 2021
Over the past three years, due to the pandemic, we have faced tests and problems such as delayed work and production, rising raw material prices, project delays, an inactive market, decreased outside markets, and fewer orders. During the three years of self-evolution, Dicolor discreetly bears the market test while also receiving concern from the outside world.

Making display technology creative a better life is the tireless pursuit of Dicolor man. Dicolor’s D-COB technology is now being considered for a variety of global patents connected to Mini LED. We have been recognized by government organizations, military security, radio and television studios, video conferencing, and other professional industries for our first-mover advantage and professional technology in the field of Mini LED.

With the XR industry’s rapid expansion and the orderly recovery of abroad markets, our overseas business has resumed growth, with ample orders and high demand. We have previously worked on projects such as the Polish Spring Festival Gala, Lima TV, Russian Channel 1, and Hollywood filming.

Dicolor has achieved a number of notable successes since 2021, including turning losses into profits, a notable year-over-year growth in performance, positive cash flow, an increase in order quality, and the development of close working relationships with well-known industry clients.
This satisfying accomplishment gives us great encouragement. Dicolor has a strong client base and channel advantages because to its 17-year brand foundation and ongoing projects in over 120 countries. This is also our most valuable asset! Currently, Dicolor has 9 global agencies, 3 branches, and close to 300 employees worldwide. We think that things will get much better in the future!

Precise positioning

Instead of pursuing bigness and comprehensiveness, every company should focus on its own business. Most manufacturing companies, as we all know, create downstream businesses using funds from the upstream supply chain. When the market shrinks, Dicolor must figure out how to strike a balance between the two.
In order to effectively deal with various challenges and ensure final victory! Dicolor also readjusted the company’s business strategy:

1. Focus on business and increase investment in R&D and product quality management;
2. Strictly control the quality of orders and increase receivables management and control;
3. Proactively contact with suppliers to develop trusted relationships
4. Improve team cohesion and strengthen the company’s internal corporate culture.

Simultaneously, Dicolor must constantly train our management and personnel so that exceptional people may come out in droves, mediocre people can be promoted, and people who do not fit the requirements can be discarded. These changes are always painful. However, Dicolor believes that these are only short-term issues. Dicolor will become a team with the same aim and invincibility once we have experienced, answered, and adjusted well!

Dicolor insists on three major product paths: first, to continue developing the small-pitch product market; second, to continue consolidating the development path of Dicolor’s indoor and outdoor fixed installation market and giving full play to its traditional advantages; and third, to consolidate the industry’s leading position in stage art and help customers change their scenarios and develop new XR tracks.

In the short term, the difficulties generated by the outbreak are obstacles that every company in the industry faces. Following the pandemic, we have grown more mature and steady, and we now face the industry’s recovery and growth with a stronger body and spirit.

The economy is like a circle that keeps turning over and over. In the previous 17 years of Dicolor, we have reached heights and experienced lows.Our strength and courage have allowed us to not be afraid of bumps. We’re fine, don’t worry!
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