Discover the Best Curved LED Display Solution for Stage

May 06, 2024
The world of stage design is evolving, with a growing demand for visual narratives that captivate and inspire. As designers push the boundaries of creativity, the quest for technology that can keep pace with their visionary ideas becomes crucial. This is where the art of stage design intersects with the science of advanced LED display technology, offering a fusion of form and function that transforms the very essence of live performances.

discover the best curved led display solutions for stage

The limitations of traditional LED displays have long been a challenge for designers envisioning elaborate stage setups. However, the advent of flexible LED display technology has shattered these constraints, offering a new realm of possibilities. With its ability to bend and mold to various shapes, this technology has become an instrumental tool in the hands of stage designers, enabling them to bring their most ambitious concepts to life.

Dicolor’s US Series represents a significant leap in LED display technology, providing a curved LED display solution that can be adjusted to fit the curves and contours of a stage like never before. This innovation has not only expanded the creative horizons for stage design but also elevated the audience’s visual experience to new heights.

dicolor us series led display

Product Features and Market Superiority

Flexibility in Design: The US Series boasts a cutting-edge flexible design, allowing individual modules to bend up to 45°, significantly enhancing the flexibility and creativity of stage layouts.

Seamless Integration: With precise curvature adjustment mechanisms, the transition between modules is smooth, whether it’s a 90° corner or a full circular configuration, ensuring a coherent visual display.

Versatile Compatibility: The US Series is designed to be compatible with Dicolor’s range of rental products, allowing for a multitude of creative configurations to suit various stage design needs.

Effortless Installation: Comprehensive installation guides and an intuitive design ensure a swift and accurate setup, streamlining the process for event production.

Key Considerations for Selecting Curved Displays

Smoothness in Bending: Superior module design ensures a smooth bending process, avoiding an uneven appearance and maintaining high standards for stage design.

Extended Viewing Angles: A wide viewing angle ensures that viewers can enjoy consistent color and clarity throughout the performance regardless of their position.

Fine-Tuned Adjustments: The ability to make precise curvature adjustments and a broad range of motion allows the US Series to meet the demands of intricate stage design requirements.

product features and market superiority

Installation Guidance for Curved LED Display

First, we need to install and fix the hanging beam and adjust the swing arms on both sides of the hanging beam to the maximum. Adjust the arc adjustment mechanism of the cabinet to a maximum of 22.5°. At this time, the arc of the single box is 45°. First, push out the middle lifting lock rod, then align it with the middle locking position of the lifting beam, insert it, and tighten it.

Then confirm whether the lifting locks on both sides are aligned with the lock holes. After confirming the alignment, push the lock rod upward. After confirming that the lock rod passes through the circlip, tighten the lock to complete the lifting and fixing of the first cabinet.

Then hoist and fix the second box according to the previous steps. After aligning the left and right keyholes, push the left and right connection locks in and tighten them to complete the left and right fixation between the cabinets.
Installed in this way, a circle with a diameter of 1.27 meters is finally formed.
curved stage led display

The fusion of art and technology in stage design is an ongoing journey, and with the right equipment, the possibilities are limitless. As we continue exploring and embracing the latest LED display technology, we invite designers to join us in pushing the frontiers of creativity and delivering performances that leave a lasting impression on every audience.
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