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Oct 27, 2023
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Since the 1990s, LED display have begun to sprout in China, and gradually expanded across the country and even internationally, becoming famous all over the world. In particular, the full-color LED display combines various advantages such as light, sound, shape, color, etc., and has become the focus of enterprises in recent years. However, when companies that did not set thresholds began to flock in, the LED display market load increased and began to show a sub-healthy state of uneven quality.

How can we get the industry back to growing healthily? Enhancing the quality of LED display products is especially crucial. In the future, enterprise competition’s primary tenet will be enterprise product competition.

Mr. Xu Chenai, chairman of Shenzhen Dicolor Group Co., Ltd., said that quality issues are essential issues related to the long-term development of an enterprise. After seven years of development, Dicolor has achieved some results and experienced various difficulties, but the only thing that is not what has changed or even been strengthened is the management and control of product quality. We truely believe that quality is the life of an enterprise and the most effective salesman.

Looking back at the development history of Dicolor, we find that this slightly legendary company has maintained a persistent concept, whether in the glorious boom period of the industry or in the difficult period of meager profits, that is ensure product quality to the end.

First of all, independent innovation and research and development, refined production.

According to the relevant person in charge of Dicolor, it has a professional R&D team that has been in the industry for more than 10 years and accounts for 14% of the total number of employees. This has laid the foundation for the development of new products and the special applications of customers. In recent years, Dicolor has spent a lot of energy in the field of rental display and has continuously launched amazing products. Its latest rental “UT”, “UE” and “US” series products inherit the characteristics of Dicolor, such as high definition, stability, energy saving and environmental protection, high-precision output real pixel display, large viewing angle and exquisite workmanship. They are flexible in combination to meets the various needs of customers. they are stronger, has better load-bearing capacity, and easy and quick to install. They are the best choice for LED display rental products.

Mr. Xu Chenai said frankly that Dicolor has extremely high requirements for product quality, and the development of overseas markets has made Dicolor dare not relax in terms of product quality. In addition to independently researching and developing new products, Dicolor has thoroughly implemented the concept of quality first in the production and production process of every shipped product.

It is understood that Dicolor is equipped with a fully automatic production line with the highest degree of automation and complete automation equipment, with a monthly production capacity of 10,000 sqm. We have introduced high-end quality testing equipment and our own complete set of inspection methods and inspection standards. Every process from raw material procurement, material acceptance and warehousing, production picking, first sample production and inspection, press lamp and check the solder, sample packing, performance inspection, and water immersion test has realized refined management and production model.

Secondly, the supplier management model of win-win cooperation.

Quality assurance is not only reflected in the business process of the company itself, but also in the cooperative relationship with suppliers. Dicolor knows that in order to ensure the excellent product quality of LED display, it must strengthen interaction and sense of honor with suppliers.

Supplier management is a win-win management mechanism proposed in the new supply chain management environment. From traditional non-cooperative competition to cooperative competition, the coexistence of cooperation and competition is a trend in the development of today’s corporate relationships. Currently, supplier management not only includes the relationship between manufacturing companies and suppliers, but also extends to suppliers’ suppliers to implement standardized management of the entire industry chain.

In the past, the interactions between LED display manufacturers and suppliers did not attract much attention. With the intensification of industry competition, sharp decline in product prices, frequent product quality problems, and the emergence and increase of triangular debt problems, people began to think about new rules of coexistence between enterprises and suppliers.

“mutual benefit and win-win, shared honor and sincerity” are the principles for Dicolor to coexist with its suppliers. At the recently held supplier quality management conference with the theme of “Eternity in Change – Adhere to Quality”, they clearly expressed their needs and quality management methods, aiming to improve quality management level through cooperation with suppliers, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win between suppliers and Dicolor, and realize the value of meeting customer needs and exceeding customer expectations. Dicolor hopes to ensure the reliability of product quality from the source and further realize the “Dicolor Dream” of forging a brand.
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